My Plan for the Week! 7/29-8/3

If you read my post from last week, I am determined to do a better job of planning out my meals and workouts this week! I am usually a great planner, but last week, I was so tired from my internship and not feeling well, so I did not make the best choices when it came to my nutrition! This week, I am motivated to get started on the right foot starting right now to set the tone for the rest of the week! This plan is obviously tentative as things could pop up last minute! But as long as I have some kind of plan or schedule, I should still be able to make good food and workout choices along the way!


Pre-workout: ½ quest bar

AM workout: I did a 45-minute elliptical workout this morning, felt so good!

Breakfast: I plan on having eggs and fruit at the hospital before work!

Lunch: Salad with some kind of protein on top. This will be my lunch all week! The cafeteria at the hospital has a nice salad bar and always has some healthy protein such as grilled tilapia or chicken.

Dinner: Armenian Beef and Broccoli (recipe coming soon) with baked sweet potato fries! I also plan on baking a new creation I have been working on…hot cocoa mini muffins (recipe coming soon too! If they turn out yummy...haha)

*Yoga or Tone It Up (TIU) workout (tentatively planned depending on how I feel tonight. My evening workouts are usually optional if I get to workout in the mornings)


Pre-workout: hot cocoa muffin or other ½ of my quest bar

AM workout: 3 mile run, 20 minutes elliptical. I need to incorporate some sort of strength training routine. I am still working on this and will post what I come up with soon!

Breakfast: veggie omelet with fruit

Lunch: Same as above!

Dinner: Leftover Armenian Beef and Broccoli with baked sweet potato fries

*Yoga or TIU workout


Pre-workout: cocoa muffin

AM workout: 5 mile run

Breakfast: hard boiled eggs, granola, fruit

Lunch: Same as above! Or I may take my leftover Beef and Broccoli dish if I still have some. Wouldn’t want it to go to waste!

Dinner: My grandma and aunt might visit me tonight for dinner! Woo! So I will probably go out with them! If not, I will do a curry chicken dish that I have all the ingredients for.


Pre-workout: Hard boiled egg

AM workout: 6 mile run, strength training TBD

Breakfast: veggie omelet with fruit

Lunch: Salad + protein at work!

Dinner: grilled chicken wraps with hummus and veggies

*Yoga or TIU workout


Pre-workout: Hard boiled egg

AM workout: 3 mile run, 20 minutes elliptical (my boyfriend and I are doing a 10K on the 3rd…so today will be my light day!)

Breakfast: hard boiled eggs, granola, fruit

Lunch: same as above!!

Dinner: I will be home Friday night for dinner! So this will most likely be a last minute decision!


10K day!!! Usually before my races, I eat a banana with a hard-boiled egg or some oatmeal. So we will see what I have that morning!

I will try to write more updates as the week goes on. I am hoping this plan will set a nice healthy tone for my week!