Unintentional Elliptical HIIT

Good morning! Today is the last day of my dietetic internship! I am beyond excited and blessed to have been able to be a part of this program, getting both my Masters in Public Health and completing my dietetic internship in the hopes of becoming a Registered Dietitian! Lord willing, within a couple months, I will officially be an RD! :) This morning, I went to work out for the last time at the gym by my apartment. I have been packing all week, so I wanted to do a quick but effective workout that would leave me enough time to pack my last minute stuff into my car before heading off to work. My legs and knees have been sore from all the running I have been doing (can you tell I LOVE to run??) so after a 3 mile run this morning, I knew I didn't want to push too much further. However, I still wanted to get a little more of a workout in! I hopped onto the elliptical, which I usually treat as an easy, low intensity workout for me. But, this morning, I decided to play around with a few settings and make it a little more intense, which definitely worked! I made up this HIIT routine as I went along in accordance to what was challenging my body and muscles, as well as which settings were getting my heart rate up using my HRM. This is the routine I came up with, which lasted about 20 minutes. Since I tacked this onto my 3 mile run, I only went through it once. But, this could definitely be used as your sole workout and you could repeat it as many times as you want!



Each set for 2 mins

20 mins total

Incline 5: Resistance 7 Incline 5: Resistance 10 Incline 5: Resistance 6 Incline 5: Resistance 10 Incline 5: Resistance 8 Incline 5: Resistance 10 Incline 7: Resistance 7 Incline 7: Resistance 10 Incline 5: Resistance 10 Incline 5: Resistance 7

Repeat as many times as you want! Here are my stats from my workout:

photo 1

photo 2


Let me just say, my heart rate never gets that high during an elliptical workout! I usually float between 135-145 while I am on the elliptical, which is why I've always viewed it as a rest day/cool down workout. But with this routine, you can be sure to get a good burn in without spending hours upon hours on the machine! Have a happy Friday everyone!