Arm, arms, arms...and Cheesy Black Bean and Avocado Salad!

Happy Monday everyone! I can't believe there are less than 2 weeks until December! This is my favorite time of year and I am definitely already listening to Christmas music and enjoying seeing all the decorations! :) This morning started out pretty typical. I woke up, spent some time with the Lord, and decided on what I wanted to do for my workout. "Workout" is a general term, since I have basically had to stopped all activity including my legs :( My hip and knee injury has progressed to a point where walking causes strain, pain, and even numbness. I am hoping to see an orthopedic in a few weeks and figure this out once and for all!

I had a hard-boiled egg while I searched YouTube for some arm routines...

photo 1 (1)


...and lo and behold my favorite trainers popped up as the first hit! I had never seen this TIU workout before, and I was so relieved that it didn't involve my legs. I did this workout (about 8 minutes long), followed by some boxing punches with my 3 lb weights, making my workout a total of 13 minutes long. Even though it is not my usual 6 mile run, I am grateful for the fact that I can still MOVE and do some sort of workout. But I honestly cannot WAIT to incorporate my runs back into the toning routines I have been doing!


photo 2 (1)


I made myself a kale, sausage, and egg white scramble around 10:30 as a mid-morning snack. Yes, the scramble was my snack :) I always try to make my snacks protein and veggie packed in order to get as much nutrition as possible!

photo 3 (1)

This scramble definitely kept me full until almost 2pm, which is when I whipped up this delicious Cheesy Black Bean and Avocado salad! I knew I didn't want to go shopping or eat out; I've been very committed to using up whatever is in the house lately. This is probably because I am still studying for my RD exam and have yet to find a job, but it is also very smart and leads to less food waste and usually much healthier choices! Anyway, I'm so happy I stayed in for lunch, because this salad tasted great!

The base of this salad was romaine, kale, tomatoes, yellow pepper, and carrots:

photo 1

I used the Cuban Black Beans from Trader Joe's because they have a spicy kick to them! I melted a little pinch of light mozzarella cheese (also from TJ's) in the microwave until it became a cheesy and creamy consistency!

photo 2

While the beans and cheese were melting away, I mixed half of an avocado with some pico de gallo to make an avocado-y type of salsa! I left it pretty chunky because I love my salsa chunky, but you could definitely mash it until it reaches whatever consistency you enjoy!

photo 3


I added the avocado salsa to one side of my salad, and the cheesy beans to the other! And here is the finished product!

photo 4


This salad was so refreshing and filling! I absolutely LOVED the flavor of the beans with the cheese, and the avocado addition was perfection. I hope you all get to enjoy this salad soon!

After lunch, I continued studying (of course). I just took a break now to ice my knees and hips while blogging! I am so excited to be making tabbouleh with my mama tonight for dinner, which one of our favorite recipes! I have that recipe posted if anyone is interested!

I hope you all have had a great beginning of your week!