Workout plan...FINALLY!

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all are enjoying this weekend so far. I am so excited to report that I can finally have more variety in my workouts! I've been doing random workouts at home, what I call my Arm Blasting Workout (ABW). I am still going to incorporate these into my workout routine because I have been getting so sore and really feel the difference these high-intensity toning exercises are making in my body. However, I saw an orthopedic surgeon yesterday who gave me some information on what is wrong with my knees and also gave me some strengthening and workout tips to get me back into running shape! Basically, everything that could be wrong with my knee is wrong with my knee...just kidding (kind of). I don't want to get too technical, but basically she believes I have ileotibial band syndrome, patellar tendonitis, and meniscus tears (non-surgical) in both my knees. There is also significant breakdown of cartilage in both my knees, which means that running has started to take its toll on my joints. I've always had bad knees, so I am not surprised that the breakdown has started already. But! There is hope. She believes that if I incorporate regular strengthening exercises into my routine for my quads, hamstrings, and calves, the strength in my legs can support my knees, which will in turn enable me to run again. Stretching also has to be a crucial part of my routine in order to prevent further injury. Lastly, she is going to send me to a physical therapist for some additional strengthening and correcting.

With that said, the approved workouts I can do are:

***Elliptical, bike, walking

***Leg extensions (quads), leg curls & dead lifts (hamstrings), and calf raises (no lunges or squats for now!)

***Obviously, upper body and abdominal workouts!

***NO running for at least 8 weeks

I was able to do 20 minutes of the elliptical today and then worked on my quads, back, and abs. With some stretching to top it off! It felt so good to be able to go to the gym again! So here is my workout plan for this coming week (stretching is a given everyday so I'm not going to put that down; and ABW takes anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes! Check back to previous posts for the ABW workout!)

November 24-November 30

11/24: Elliptical 15 minutes, bike 15 minutes, hamstrings, triceps, biceps

11/25: Elliptical 20 minutes, calf raises, ABW

11/26: Bike 15 minutes, quads, chest, ABW

11/27: Elliptical 30 minutes, hamstrings, back, TIU shoulder routine

11/28: Elliptical 45 minutes, calf raises, ABW (extra long today know...THANKSGIVING!)

11/29: Elliptical 20, bike 10, quads, bi/tri

11:30: Elliptical 15, bike 15, hamstrings, back, ABW


That is the tentative plan for this week! Of course, I may add some TIU workouts here and there once they post their weekly schedule! I'm excited to add more variety into my workouts and hopefully build up the strength I need in my legs to start running again in a couple months.