Oh Running, how I've missed you!

I am SO glad about the fact that it is Thursday already!! This week has flown by for me and I am so happy about it!! Thought I'd share a quick update on my running progress! As some of my readers already know, I used to be an avid runner (6-8miles/day and a few half marathons under my belt). Last October I hurt my hip and knee somehow and haven't been able to run much longer than 20 minutes (2 miles) at a time. Yesterday, I was able to run 3 miles!!! I was soooo excited! It took me a little longer than usual but it's definitely been a while and I had just worked my legs for about 20 minutes before hand.


I'm so excited to be getting back slowly but surely. I made sure to ice my knee afterwards and am feeling great today!! I've had a random swollen ankle the past couple weeks (no idea why) so that is the only discomfort I feel at the moment. I can't wait to hopefully be able to run more and run OUTSIDE since the weather has been beautiful!!

After my run, I made sure to have a nice and balanced post


Anyways, gotta go hit the gym! Have a lovely day everyone! :)