Workouts and Eats!

I thought I'd write a quick little post about my week and recap my workouts and yummy eats. It's been such a solid week this week with workouts and meal planning...I'm pretty happy about it! As I mentioned a few posts back, I started working with a personal training in the beginning of May. I meet with him once a week, and workout from a log book twice a week. Having the routine and motivation has helped so much, since I usually hop on a cardio machine for an hour and call it a day. Now, I do toning/circuit workouts 3 times a week, with steady cardio the other 3 days.

I'm a very early riser (5am anyone??) but I still make sure to eat something before I workout. I've found that when I have higher protein/fat foods as my pre workout snack, I have more sustained energy during my workout. This week my pre workout foods have consisted of nuts, hard boiled eggs, or pairing a small banana with a  few nuts.

photo 2


photo 4

I usually make my own trail mix because I despiseeeeee dried fruit (yuck!) so this week's nut mix is a combination of cashews, almonds, and macadamia nuts...yum!

photo 1

photo 2-2


My workouts have lasted between 45 minutes to 1 hour. I do 20025 minutes of circuits and then a 30 minute interval run after my workout. On my alternating days, I do the elliptical for about an hour. I found this awesome hill setting on our machines which I am loving!

I've been making sure to have good protein and healthy carbs after my workouts. This morning, I worked on my back and biceps, did a 30 minute run, then came home and reheated the last slice of my frittata with some white sweet potatoes! I posted the frittata recipe a few days ago if anyone is interested!

photo 3

Last night, we went out to Cheesecake Factory. I got the Skinnylicious (such a funny name) salmon. I had some dental work done yesterday morning which made chewing rather difficult, but the salmon was so soft and flakey, so it was the perfect meal! And look how pretty it is too!


photo 1-2


This week has just reminded me how important it is to fuel yourself in order to get the most out of your workouts. If I don't fuel properly, I feel sluggish and exhausted and don't perform as well in the gym. I've found what works for me through trial and error! I recommend figuring out how to get the most bang for your time at the gym and making sure to fuel properly with good nutrition! Nutrition is so key in a healthy lifestyle! Anyways, I am off to work! Happy Friday and YAY for the weekend!!!