Messhall Kitchen Review

I've been wanting to write this review for a long long time! A few weeks ago, my fiancé and I went to a restaurant in the Hollywood/LA area called the Messhall Kitchen. It was spur of the moment decision, we are driving, hungry, and didn't wanna mull over the decision. We were driving down Los Feliz when we saw it and decided to turn in and eat there. It looked like a pretty snazzy place. The menu was awesome, lots of local produce options and everything seemed pretty high quality. We decided to start with the short rib nachos...which were basically fries, short ribs, and melted cheese. As unhealthy as this sounds, I didn't really care because this thing was DELICIOUS! The only downside is that we had to wait about 30 minutes for our appetizer...which was kind of frustrating. Everyone around us was eating and enjoying their food, which made us even hungrier! But we finally got our short rib nachos and devoured the thing.


Shortly after, we got our actual meals. We like to get a couple things that we both like and share the meals so we get to enjoy different foods. My fiancé got the Cobb salad and I got the vegan curry, to which I added chicken for some added protein. This curry was unbelievably tasty!!! It was light but flavorful at the same time. There was a variety of vegetables too, which made it even better! My fiance's salad was good too...just a typical Cobb...but we both definitely enjoyed the curry!!



Since we waited so long, the waitress informed us that the manager wanted us to have a dessert on the house. We chose the strawberry shortcake which was great!! A little heavy, but what can you's dessert! ;)


Overall, we had a good experience here. If the wait for our food hadn't been so long, we probably would have enjoyed it even more. But they showed great service with the free dessert, and their food was so delicious, so I would definitely go again and recommend it to others!