Sick Day....therefore....Paleo Pancakes!

Soooo today was awful. I've been feeling SO sick for about 5-6 days now (put quite a damper on this long weekend) so I finally called off of work today. I feel miserable and like someone is cutting my throat open!'s that bad. When I was younger and I would get a sore throat, I used to always want to eat warm bready things. For some reason, in my brain, they soaked up the pain and made me feel better. Baguettes, bagels, chewy cookies, anything to "soak up the pain" and I was all in. Well, now that I know better, (unfortunately or fortunately, I cannot decide) I have realized that bread does NOT help the pain go away. However, this doesn't stop me from wanting some pancakes to make me feel better on a sick day! I decided to create a paleo pancake recipe because a) I wanted it to be healthy-ish and b) because I have been disappointed by every recipe out there and just wanted one to work! Let me tell you, this one worked! These pancakes taste like the real deal, but are totally guilt free and made from quality ingredients! I added some blueberries in and on top of my pancakes, and they turned out delicious. Whether you are feeling sick or not, these make a delicious and healthy breakfast for any day of the week!  

Makes 1 serving (3-4 medium sized pancakes)

2 whole eggs 2 T coconut flour 2 T applesauce 1/3 cup egg whites (these really did the trick to add fluffiness!) Dash of cinnamon 1/8 t baking soda 1/4-1/2 cup blueberries


First things first, heat up a skillet over medium heat. Then in a mixing bowl, whisk the two eggs together. Add the coconut flour, apple sauce, egg whites, cinnamon, and baking soda and mix the batter until it becomes a pancake batter consistency. Then, spray the skillet or melt some coconut oil on it. Pour about 1/4 cup of batter onto the skillet. Plop some blueberries on top, and wait till the entire top of the pancake is covered with bubbles...


This part takes these pancakes take a bit longer to cook than regular ones! But don't worry, the wait will be worth it. Once the top bubbles, flip the pancake over carefully and cool until cooked through. Do the same with the rest of the batter!


I topped my pancakes with the leftover blueberries I had. SO GOOD!! You can eat these plain or top them with nut butter, more fruit, or anything!


Enjoy this recipe and happy Monday everyone! :) I am off to the doctor to see what is up with my throat!