Healthy Hostess Night!

I have made some two wonderful friends from my job I started just six short months ago. I honestly feel like I have been friends with these two girls for a lifetime! We just seem to "get" each other, not only when it comes to work but when it comes to everyday life. We have been alternating hanging out at each other's homes the past few weeks, and finally it was my turn to hostess last week! I love hostessing and would much rather cook a meal for my friends than go out and spend tons of money. Going out can be fun, but there is just something about sharing a meal at home that makes time with loved ones even better. I decided to make a healthy and delicious meal, and it was definitely a hit!! I thought I would share a few of my tips for healthy hostessing to hopefully inspire some of you to have a nice dinner party with your friends in a healthy and fun way. 1. Appetizers!

First things first, I knew that I wouldn't get home from work in time to cook everything before my friends came over. Appetizers are key in this situation! However I also didn't want the appetizers to be too heavy and filling. We all know how that is, right? We stuff ourselves with bread or chips and then don't even want to look at the food when it comes time to eat. My friends and I are obsessed with hummus, so I decided to go with some hummus, carrots, gluten free crackers, and salsa!


This provided the perfect light snack for us to munch on while I cooked the rest of the food.

2. Make something fun!

I knew what I had planned on the menu: chicken kebab, salad, and sweet potatoes. But I also wanted to make something fun. I decided to spiral the sweet potatoes with the spiralizer my fiancé bought me. This little gadget is SO much fun!! You can spiralize basically anything. It can make any dish stand out and be different!


What's also great about spiralizing is that it doubles the portion of what you make! So basically you feel like you are eating a ton of sweet potatoes when really, you aren't! Portion control without even feeling deprived!

3. Be realistic with what you can do.

So in all honesty, I used store bought, premarinated chicken kebab. I love marinating my own meats, but I also had to be realistic and accept the fact that I would have NO time to make the kebab from scratch. I got the meat from an Armenian market that makes their meat taste homemade and delicious. I trust them and their ingredients, so I went with their marinated chicken kebab! It was so flavorful...we couldn't get enough!

4. Always have a salad! I have been to so many dinner parties just waiting for some kind of salad or vegetable dish to be served. I always get so disappointed when I don't see anything colorful on the table. I've started to bring my own salads to parties, but also make sure to have some kind of salad whenever I am hostessing! I made a spinach salad with cucumbers, tomato, and with lite Italian dressing.


Salad is a great way to add color and beauty to your party, while also ensuring a nutritious option that people can load their plates with!

Here is the finished product!


This plate was very "My Plate" approved if I do say so myself! Half of the plate was veggies, a quarter protein with the chicken, and a quarter starch with the sweet potatoes (yes, they are a starch! But a nutrient-dense one with all that Vitamin A!)

I hope these tips provide some usefulness to anyone who is hoping to have a fun and healthy hostessing night soon! Now I am off to attack this Wednesday...I am working 10.5 hours and am going to need all the motivation I can get! Have a great day everyone and happy hostessing!