Arrowhead Musings

We all have had those unforgettable weekends. Whether it is at a church retreat, vacation, or simply a wonderful few days spent at home, some weekends will be ingrained in your mind forever. Well, that was this past weekend for me. I know I mentioned in a previous post about what a wonderful weekend it was. I had a fun and joyful time with my fiancé, family, and friends. But there are so many things that God taught me that I never want to forget. I probably will, being human and all, but I know God will keep reminding me, speaking to my heart, and will not give up on growing and teaching me. Writing has always helped me sort out my thoughts, so I thought that I would write out some of the things I learned in order to refresh my mind and be reminded of God's goodness and blessings upon me.


*God's creation is absolutely beautiful. *God wants to change our hearts, and turn our world upside down. *Let go of myself, and let God work through me. * God can renew my mind and fill me more and more with Him. * I desire to be used by God in whatever way He sees fit. * Being crucified with Christ means I can let go of me, and not be dictated by my past failings because God has made me new! * It is no longer I that live, but Christ living in me! * Attitude means everything. * Gratefulness needs to be a part of my everyday life and world view.

And then a few more things... * Donuts bring people together. * It's really hard to workout in high altitudes...but my fiancé is a trooper for waking up at 6am to do boot camp with me! * It can rain, then be sunny in the mountains within an hour. * I shouldn't be afraid to play sports...even though I am no volleyball champion! * Having really fun! * Letting my "little cousin" drive me in a go decision I've ever made! Haha :) * My family means everything to me.....I love them more than words can say. * I really miss my Asdghig Auntig... * Even uncomfortable beds can give you incredible rest. * It's amazing how much you don't use your phone when you are away with those you love and in God's creation! *Appreciate every seemingly little and big thing that God brings your way. A grateful heart brings joy.

Thank you Jesus :)