Running on Up!

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!! It's been a hot but beautiful weekend where I live. I've been enjoying it so much. I'm having a relaxing Sunday afternoon today. After church, I came home and made a quick lunch with some leftovers from last night's 2 year anniversary dinner with my fiancé! Post on that coming soon! But I ate my leftover skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, which was incredible! I added some veggies and egg whites to round out my meal.


I also made a big batch of my Paleo Kung pao chicken to take to work this was one of the first recipes I posted and is one of my favorites!!


Isn't it gorgeous!?! It is so colorful and full of healthy veggies and protein! As well as YUMMY!

I thought I would also write a little update on my workouts lately. I've still been doing strength training and toning work about 3-4 times per week, and am loving the results I am seeing! I am increasing my weights and being able to do more than I thought possible! My feet/knees/all other pains have also been better, so I've been increasing the number of runs per week, as well as my mileage and speed! I'm not pushing too far, but it feels great to be running more!


I'm glad I have been averaging less than 10 minute miles, and even faster in some cases!! I'm making sure to rest between runs do I don't make the same mistake I made when I injured myself in the first place (7 mile runs three days in a row are never a good idea!)

Anyways, I plan on hitting the gym this afternoon with my fiancé, which I am excited about, and enjoying this Sunday afternoon and long weekend!! Have a great weekend and Labor Day everyone!