September 15-20 Fitness and Meal Plan

How is everyone's week going so far? I had yesterday off of work, and I have today off too! So for me, the week has been great :) I thought I would share my fitness and meal plan for the week, since it's a short-ish work week for me and I don't want to fall into the trap of spending too much money on random groceries! I'm planning on going out a few times, but my goal is to use up what I have at home in a healthy and nutritious way! I also have workouts that I want to do from my trainer as well as my Tone it Up Frisky Fall challenge! I put it all together since my meals depend on the timing of my workouts! Food and fitness blend together when it comes to a healthy lifestyle! Monday (yesterday): I had a great leg workout with my trainer and did some cardio and the TIU bikini arms workout! The rest of the day was spent at the aquarium with my fiancé! I had amazing seafood and had so much fun!

Tuesday 9/16: No pre-workout meal! I am trying to do some of my cardio/running workouts on an empty stomach and see how I feel with fasted cardio! Workout: Run 5 miles, TIU yoga Breakfast: Protein waffles! Also look out for my pumpkin protein waffle recipe coming soon as well!) Snack: veggies if necessary! Lunch: beef kebab tacos with paleo tortillas from Against All Grain! With a side of veggies of course :) Snack/pre workout: nuts Workout: Cardio Barre Dinner: Pita Jungle with my girl Michelle! Planning on the broiled chicken salad because their chicken is!

Wednesday 9/17: Wednesdays are my long days at work so I usually have multiple meals and snacks planned. However, I always listen to my body and eat what I've packed if I am truly hungry! Pre workout: protein waffle w/pb Workout: Back/Biceps workout from my trainer, cardio, and possibly new HIIT workout from TIU! Breakfast: veggie scramble Snack: hard boiled egg and veggies Lunch: turkey burger with guacamole and salad Snacks: nuts & jerky Dinner (light since it will be late!): paleo tortillas with nut butter

Thursday 9/18: No pre workout meal: fasted cardio attempt! Workout: Run 3-4 miles, frisky fall routine and TIU bikini abs Breakfast: green protein smoothie Snack: carrots & quest bar Lunch: salad with hard boiled eggs Snack/pre workout: nuts Workout: circuits and cardio with my friend Hanna! She is quite possibly the best workout buddy ever! Dinner: out with Hanna!

Friday 9/19: Pre workout: protein waffle w/pb Workout: Chest/Tricep workout from my trainer, cardio, TIU quickie workout Breakfast: veggie scramble tacos Snack: carrots with guacamole Lunch: salmon burger w/salad Snack: nuts Dinner: unsure!

Saturday: MY BIRTHDAY! That's right, September 20th is my birthday and I have no idea what my plan is yet! But enjoying time with friends and family will definitely be part of my day!

That's about it for my plan this week! As always, life happens, but I am attempting to stick to this plan pretty closely! I hope this helps some of you plan your week out to ensure a healthy eating and workout week. Planning is key to any kind of success in my book! So get to it! :) Have a great day everyone!