Food & Fitness Plan: October 20-26

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone has had a great start to the week! I have been feeling queasy and tired all day, so it hasn't been the best for me. But! I decided that looking forward to the week and planning a productive and healthy week for myself would be just what I needed! Today has been difficult, but I feel a lot more positive now looking at the week ahead! Today, 10/20: *I skipped my workout this morning because of not feeling well, so I just had a couple rice cakes before heading out the door, nothing too exciting! This is what the rest of the day looked/will look like: Snack: banana Lunch: rotisserie chicken breast, carrots, rice cakes yet again Snack: larabar Dinner: I am planning on going out with my parents and hopefully will be able to stomach a salad by then! Workout: walk with my Mama!

Tuesday 10/21: Pre-workout: banana with sunbutter Workout: elliptical 4 miles (I am slacking on my 150 miles by Halloween for the TIU Frisky Fall challenge!), the new TIU kettlebell workout Breakfast: sausage and tater bake! This recipe is from a few weeks back and so good! Snack: carrots Lunch: leftover rotisserie chicken breast with salad and avocado Snack: nuts Dinner: picking up Sharky's before Bible study! I'll probably get their power plate with veggies and either chicken or fish! Workout: tentative circuit with Hanna!

Wednesday 10/22: Pre-workout: banana w/sunbutter Workout: Back & biceps workout, run 3 miles Breakfast: scramble with veggies Snack: carrots Lunch: salad with turkey burger Snack: nuts Dinner: up in the air!

Thursday 10/23: Pre-workout: rice cake with PB Workout: leg day! With some cardio :) Breakfast: scramble with veggies, avocado Snack: carrots, jerky Lunch: sausage and taters Snack: nuts Dinner: poker night at my friend's house who always serves healthy yummies :)

Friday (finally!) 10/24: Pre-workout: rice cake or banana w/nut butter Workout: chest, triceps, shoulders, plus a 4 mile run Breakfast: mug cake or scramble Snack: carrots Lunch: last of the sausage and taters sad day! Snack: nuts Dinner: probably going out!

Saturday and Sunday: I am hoping to get a couple good runs in this weekend and stick to my healthy eating plan. Honesty time, I have been letting weekends derail me lately. Treats now and then are totally acceptable, but it's the "now and then" part I've been struggling with! Hoping to be able to stick to it this weekend!

Goals for the week:

* I want to contribute at least 18 miles towards my goal of 150 by Halloween for the Tone it Up Frisky Fall challenge! I am at 123 miles so far and have till Halloween to reach 150! *Do 1 TIU workout this week (hopefully it will be the new kettlebell one!) *SKETCH/go back to my artsy roots! *BLOG need to say more on this one! At least 2-3 posts this week! *Read personal growth books. I am reading two great ones now and really want to invest more time in these motivational reads!

Last but not least, I leave you with this wonderful quote:


I really believe that writing down what we want to do, making lists, and creating an environment that ensures we reach these goals are critical. So put dates on those goals, plan the steps it takes to achieve them, and then just do it! That is the only way to make our dreams come true! :)