Dream Until Your Dreams Come True

I am a huge dreamer. But along with that comes another embarrassing fact: I am an even bigger talker. I tend to talk and plan and dream and yet take no action in the direction of my dreams . I run scared, don't know where to begin, and just stay in my talking, planning, writing stage. While I do believe planning and being prepared are vital components of making any dream into a reality, I think fearless action is the most important step to making any dream come true. And therein lies my problem. I am afraid. I am afraid of failure, defeat, embarrassment, not being able to follow through, and letting people down. I am so afraid that I just stay in my little fear bubble, think, wish, dream, but refuse to act.

I want to take that fearless step this month. While I still have some planning and preparing to do, I want to take that first step. I am working on something that I have dreamt about for about seven years and it is something I want to make a reality in my life. I want to step out in faith, and even if my dream doesn't come to full fruition, I will know that I have at least taken a step in the right direction.

Is there something you have been dreaming about lately? I think dreams and goals are so healthy. They give you direction and focus. They get you excited. They show you what you are truly passionate about. Let's make this month a good one! Let's move in the right direction with these goals and work on making our dreams come true.