"I Can Do Hard Things"

IMG_4523.PNG If there is one thing that I have struggled with throughout my life, it's selling myself short. We don't realize the amount of discouragement we may give ourselves throughout the day. We tell ourselves we want to do things, set goals, but don't actually tell ourselves we CAN do these things.

For me, being a Christian and believing in God, I trust Him to give me the strength to do these hard things, because I know I cannot do it on my own! One of these "hard things" lately has been to continue with my no more calorie counting. I haven't been counting for about three weeks now. There have been ups and downs, but it is definitely by God's strength that I have lasted this long!

I told you all that I would be honest with you during this journey and I plan on keeping that promise. Last night, I had a tough time. I still haven't counted my calories and haven't gotten my app back, but I definitely was tempted to restart counting last night. I was feeling pretty down due to some personal matters, and was feeling "fluffy" as I was telling my friend. I know we all have our fluffy days, but for some reason, this just made me want to go back to the security I had while counting my calories and knowing exactly what was going into my mouth. However, the minute these thoughts came, I dismissed them. Because I CAN do this. I can do hard things, all through God's strength working in me.

This is definitely going to be a process for me, and I must remember that. But I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13) and can call on Him whenever I am struggling. I feel SO much better about things this morning, I just had to push through the tough moments last night. Oh I still feel fluffy, but I don't feel the need to bounce back to a destructive habit.

I've been eating healthy while not counting calories, and I plan on continuing doing just that. I've been sticking to my gluten free diet, and while I feel like I have been having one too many gluten free baked goods and treats lately, I feel LOADS better by not having gluten in my diet. I'm blessed to have a friend who is not only encouraging me, but supporting me in this diet as well! We have a grocery shopping date tonight to stock up our homes with fresh, whole foods.

God helps us do the hard things. He is always there for us. Nothing is too hard for him! He wants his children to be free of strongholds and destructive habits. And don't think that these issues are trivial to our God. If they matter to us, they matter to Him! So take your struggles to Him today, and watch how He will strengthen you to do the hard things.