Sweets and Treats: The Right Motives

Decision making can be tough for people. Being an indecisive person myself, I know how crippling it can be to not know which way to turn, or which path to take. One way that I have found that helps me make decisions is to reflect upon my motives for these decisions.


I tend to struggle with emotional eating. I mean, who doesn't? This doesn't excuse my struggle, it just makes easier to admit to. At times when I am having a hard day, an emotional time, or am just feeling off, I try to not have too many treats or snacks, because I know myself and I know that one treat can turn into a day-long carbapalooza! Anyone else?? Anyoneeeee?

Don't get me wrong; I see nothing wrong with treats. I love sweets, I love chocolate, I love anything sugary, salty, snacky, and delicious. However, I have to be careful about when I have these certain treats. I have to ask myself why I want the treat right now. Is it because I'm at a Christmas party, I only have these cookies once a year, or I just want a sweet treat? Or is it because I've had a hard day and sugar would make me feel so much better(temporarily), so I might as well just give in to all of my temptations and drown my sorrows in a tub of ice cream and a pan of gingerbread? No. For me, the latter reason is the wrong motive. The latter reason is not one that constitutes having a treat for me.

This may be overthinking things for some of you. But for me, if I indulge because I am feeling empty emotionally and need to be filled, that is a red flag. That means that I am looking to other things for fulfillment. For some, it may be alcohol, drugs, inordinate amounts of spending money, a destructive habit, etc. But for me, it happens to be food. It is what I struggle with, and I have learned what works best for me. #dietitiansstruggletoo

God is our ultimate comfort in times of emotional distress. He wants us to turn to Him when we are stressed, lonely, overwhelmed, or any other emotions that drive us to use unhealthy behaviors to cope. This Christmas season, as we are surrounded by treats and temptations, let's all be more mindful about when we give in and what we give in to. No food is off limits, it is our motives behind our compulsive eating or overindulgence that can cause destruction in not only our physical wellbeing, but our spiritual one as well. I want to rely on God for everything because, as my fiancé reminded me this week, all I need is Jesus. ALL I NEED. I need Jesus more than food, clothing, shelter, and even the people in my life. I want to fill myself up with HIM this season, and every season of my life, so that I do not turn to destructive behaviors in order to fill up my emotional voids and struggles.