Food & Fitness Plan: 12/15-12/21

Good morning everyone and Happy Monday!!! I just love the beginning of the new week; it is filled with freshness and possibility. No matter was has happened, Monday is a chance to start brand new. Leave it all behind and move forward with this new week ahead. I know that is what I need to do! I had a great weekend sprinkled with some not so great moments. But God is good and His mercies are new every morning. EVERY SINGLE MORNING! How awesome is that. Thank you, Jesus. Food Plan:

I did some heavy duty meal prep yesterday, so I am very excited about my meals this week!! I have leftover kebab for today, but tonight, I get to enjoy my Eggplant Spaghetti Squash Lasagna (recipe coming soon!)


I also made a huge batch of Parmesan sweet potatoes (I use the white sweet potatoes because they aren't as sweet as yams, while still having high amounts of vitamin A and other nutrients!)


Here are my meal options for the week:

Pre workout: - Gluten free seeded bread w/nut butter - Hard boiled egg with nuts - Banana with nuts or nut butter - Pumpkin protein bread (if I have time to bake!)

Breakfast: - Scrambles w/veggies and avocado - Protein waffles/pancakes - Quest bar (if rushed, like today!)

Lunch/Dinner - Eggplant Spaghetti Squash Lasagna - Chicken meatballs w/sweet taters - Salads - Tuna w/plantain chips

Snacks: - Carrots w/hummus or guacamole - Nuts - Larabar - Quest bar (I want to slowly step away from these, as I feel that they may be causing some digestive discomfort! I may just use up what we have and phase them out haha stay tuned)


Here is my plan for the week! My 10K training is embedded in here as well:

Monday: I ran 2 miles at my "fast" speed (18:48) which wasn't as fast as I wanted, but I'm tired and it's Monday. Then I had my personal training session, working on chest, triceps, and shoulders. Tonight, I have circuits with my friend Hanna!

Tuesday: 5 mile long run + abs

Wednesday: 2 miles elliptical, plyometrics, logbook leg workout from trainer

Thursday: 4 mile run (moderate speed), personal training (probably back and biceps), Hanna workout

Friday: 3 mile run moderate, plyometrics

Saturday: TIU workout + abs

Sunday: easy elliptical, toning

I'm so ready for the week! I'm feeling super motivated this morning and have a set of goals for myself apart from food and fitness to work on as well:

1. Work on special project 2. Sketch 3. Play piano 4. Take make up off every night (this may sound silly, but I am so horrible at skin care, and need to get on top of this ASAP!)

I am hoping for a productive, fun, and restful week! Have you set your goals yet? Make a plan and try your best to stick to'll be happy you did!