Let's do this! Food and Fitness Plan Jan 5-11

Are you ready for the week?? I am!!! Not so much ready to go back to work after a nice weekend...but I am ready to grow, reach to goals and have a productive week. This weekend was so fun for me, I'm sad to see it end. However, I have to come to terms with the fact that work is a part of life, and I am beyond blessed to be working in a job that I enjoy and that does such great things for people! This week is super busy, I pretty much have something planned out every evening! Ps did I tell you guys I finally bought my planner! Yep, that's right, a good old fashioned planner. Paper and pen and all. It has "Faith, Hope, Love" written on it, which is always a good reminder. I transferred all of my stuffs to it this morning after some good pumpkin gingerbread and quiet time!


I want to try and use a paper planner this year and see how I do. I feel like I rely too heavily on my phone and want to not have to use it so much! Wishful thinking probably, but this is a start!

Busy weeks are even more motivation for me to figure out what and when I am going to do things. I have to make sure that I have enough time for productivity as well as rest. I've tried to find that balance this week, so we will see how it goes! Here is my food/fitness plan for the upcoming week!


Breakfast options: Hard boiled eggs Scrambles with veggies Sausage and veggies Oats with fruit and nuts Protein waffles Bars if in a rush!

Lunch options: Leftover kebab from my awesome lunch today!!


Turkey burgers Tuna sandwiches/salads

Snack/pre-workout options: Nuts Carrots w/hummus Larabars String cheese Hard boiled eggs

Dinner options: I'm meeting up with a lot of friends and family for dinners this week! I'm definitely planning on still keeping it healthy, but I'm not entirely sure what these options will be! Probably some sort of protein and veggies per usual!

Fitness plan:

I'm trying to move some of my workouts to evenings since my schedule has been tiring me out. Waking up at 4:30am is not ideal and not a way to live everyday life! Here is my tentative plan for the week. I've put AM next to morning workouts and PM next to evening workouts.

Monday: AM: tone it up arms and abs workout PM: cardio for 3-4 miles (either elliptical or treadmill)

Tuesday: AM: run 3-4 miles

Wednesday: AM: Plyometrics, then circuits with my friend Hanna

Thursday: PM: personal training session, cardio

Friday: AM: Run 5 miles

Saturday: AM: cardio, plyometrics, abs

Sunday: Random!

Wednesday and Saturday mornings are not as early for me as some other days. I also moved my personal training session to Thursday for this week to see how evenings work for me! They used to be bright and early Monday mornings. I'm experimenting with this, but also hope to gain some more rest through the process! I've found that, without proper rest, your workouts just won't mean anything. There has to be a balance of good nutrition, good movement, and good rest in order to reach good health.

Lastly, I want to continue with my resolutions of watching less Netflix shows and spend more time reading, playing the piano, and just doing other things instead! I've really been enjoying reading my Nicholas Sparks book lately (love his stuff!) and doing other things with my time. Not to say that I'm not watching any TV, because I am. But again, balance is key.


I also want to continue with my stress and worry less goals (which I definitely cannot do without the grace of God since I am such a stress case most of the time!) and want to work on my secret project. I'm hoping to have time this week with all that is going on!

Have you set a plan of goals for the week yet? Sunday night is the best time to prepare for and plan out your week! It helps me get more motivated for the week to come, and I hope it does the same for you!