Just Do You

Just do you. This is a phrase two of my best friends have been using lately and it's really stuck in my mind. Too often, we try to grab hold of things that make us like everyone else. We want to be part of the next big thing, the newest diet or workout program, or whatever it may be. But it all boils down to doing what works for you. Hence the saying, just do you.


Lately, I've been trying to just do me. Last week, I was very sick and home bound for about 3 days. After day one, I was already antsy. But I knew I needed to rest. These days at home gave me so much time to think and reflect. I haven't had a pause in my life for months, and even though I was SO sick and never want to be that sick again, it gave me a much needed opportunity to rest and reflect. As a registered dietitian, I tend to relate things to our health and food/fitness choices. I see it all over the place on Instagram and social media, and I am guilty of it myself. Grabbing on to a new diet or new restrictions because of the promises these programs make, running more and more or lifting heavier and heavier, and even dreading whichever program you are following because it just isn't you.

After much thought, I realized all of that just doesn't work for me, and it probably doesn't work for most people. The running 4-5 times a week doesn't work for me anymore (or my knees, or my hip) as much as I want it to. Eating mounds of animal protein at each meal doesn't work for me. Having eggs for breakfast every single day just doesn't work for me. Now don't get me wrong, I love healthy foods, I love running, and I LOVE eggs. But I also love my sanity. I love waking up feeling rested, and not having sore knees. I have been loving my walks in the sun lately up and down the hills around my house. And sometimes, I just want some oatmeal or whole grain toast for breakfast instead of yet another scramble for the fifth day in a row. You have to find your own kind of healthy, a lifestyle you will stick to. A lifestyle that brings you MORE health, not more anxiety, stress, or insanity.

This is all part of just doing you. You don't have to follow anyone or anything else. You don't have to answer to anyone. Just do what works for you, and enjoy every day that God has blessed you with. Being healthy is part of enjoying this life and being effective in whatever you set out to do.

I've had a burden on my heart to write this post, and I hope these ramblings help someone out there today. So find your "healthy," find whatever workout you'll stick to, find whatever food choices make you healthy and happy, and just do you.