Sore...SO sore...H&C Week 2 in Review!

One word to describe the last two weeks for me...SORE. I'm sore each day, every day, and lemme tell hurts SO good. I've never done a program like this. We hit different muscle groups each day and I wake up every morning sore in different places, and feeling stronger than ever. I'd say this program is definitely effective.  

Excuse the bed-head ;)  

Excuse the bed-head ;)  

Week 2 has been just as amazing as week 1. I feel my body getting stronger and more toned. The workouts have been different daily which is a nice change and keeps me on my toes. There is always a balance of cardio and intense lifting/toning. I just love the Autumn + Sagi combo too! Overall, I'm just loving this program!

My favorite workouts of the week were definitely Chisel Agility and Total Body Hammer.  Chisel agility was with Autumn and reminded me SO much of insanity workouts! Cardio without weights, and a lot of mental and physical focus! Total Body Hammer hits literally every single muscle group and will leave you shaking and sore. Exactly what I want when I am challenging myself!

Meals have been on point for most of the time, mixed in with some treats. I am practicing intuitive eating after years of calorie counting, restriction, and binging. I feel that the 21 day fix containers have given me SUCH a good template to work off of, so now I am really enjoying trusting myself and my body with my nutritional needs! Thank you 21 day fix for reteaching me how to eat in a balanced way without stressing too much! And of course, my daily shakeology is non-negotiable! 


I bought some delicious blood oranges and strawberries from the Farmer's Market this week, so we've been eating them all week long! So delicious with our Sunday morning breakfast: eggs, taters, veggies, and fruit!


I've just been going plants crazy over here, and I am finding that I feel amazing when eating more of a plant-based diet. I am by NO means labeling myself, I'm just saying when the majority of your diet is fruits/ feel good! :) 


Most days, I have about 10 servings of fruits and veggies, a TON of healthy fats, healthy plant proteins, and wholesome grains and legumes! My body seems to like it thus far, and I am just feeling good. So I'm rolling with it!

Overall, this program is just what I needed to start this year off on the right track! I started week 3 this morning and still feel challenged and excited every day...and of course...sore! :)