Hammer & Chisel Week 1 Recap!

We are more than one week into 2016! I can't believe how fast even January is flying by. So far, I am loving 2016. There is a new freshness and a sense that anything can happen this year. This is YOUR year, make it happen!

I have many goals this year, but as far as fitness and health go, my goal is to feel vibrant and strong. So it is only fitting that I start the year off with a strength training program that scares me like no other, right? Right. 

I started Hammer and Chisel last Monday, which is Beach Body's newest strength training program! It focuses on shredding, getting stronger, and pushing your limits. With one week down, and soreness every day, I can say without a doubt that this program delivers. I am loving every workout and really feeling my muscles work and grow. I have been SO sore, and couldn't even lift my arm during a video call with our coaching team! Most of us are doing the program, and we are all so sore...it's pretty hilarious and inspiring at the same time! I feel so much stronger, without the bulk (ladies, we can't get buff, trust me!), and it's amazing to finally focus on strength and not on just being the smallest size I can be. I thought I'd do a quick recap on how the workouts and meals have been this week and share with you all my thoughts on this program!


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First of all, my before photo!

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 12.25.50 PM.png

My goal with this workout program is to tone up and get more muscle definition! 


Workout Review:

The workouts have ranged from 25-40 minutes (Thursdays are rest days), and have been a balance of cardio, strength training, and bootcamp-style moves. There are weights used in each workout, as well as a bench and pull up bar. I don't have those two pieces of equipment, but I have been modifying and still feeling like I'm getting a good workout!

Sagi and Autumn, two of Beach Body's celebrity trainers, alternate their workouts each day. It's a refreshing balance that the two bring to the table. I've done Autumn's programs before, but this is my first program with Sagi. I was intimidated at first, but I also love how he pushes your limits! They both have a no excuses approach, which is SO needed considering I could talk myself out of pretty much anything that I don't want to do. We will never grow until we step out of our comfort zone, and these two trainers basically MAKE you get uncomfortable, push your limits, and at the end of the day, get results! The workouts have been easily completed in our tiny living room, and you definitely get a total body workout in each one! 

Meal Review: 

The program comes with an easy to follow, portion controlled container system, which is without a doubt my favorite system. As a dietitian, I'm often skeptical of many meal plans out there. But, I have reviewed the container system, followed it myself, and have encouraged my clients to do so, and they have all seen AMAZING results! The system comes with cute color-coded containers that correspond to a food group and which foods go into that container. It's so easy to follow and it truly teaches you how to eat according to your body's needs. It is flexible, yet points you to nourishing foods. It makes my dietitian brain very happy!

Most importantly, I've been having my Shakeology every single day, and encourage my clients to do the same. These superfoods boost my immune system, help me recover from my workout, and provide me with so much dense nutrition that I hate missing a day! I actually missed drinking my Shakeology when we were on our cruise last weekend! 

Food-wise, I have been following a more plant-based approach to this meal plan...but that might be another post for another time. For now I am eating a ton of fruits, veggies, legumes, grains, and healthy fats. I'm feeling energetic and vibrant (one of my 2016 words! see intentions post!) and I am loving how I feel with everything about this program! 

Overall, this mayyyy just be my favorite beach body program to date. I don't know, I love them all, but this one is pushing me and making me believe that I can actually be strong, toned, and capable of more than I think! Stay tuned of my weekly updates on this program!


****Want to join in and do the program with me? Send me a message and I'll get in touch with you! I'm running test groups with my clients for hammer & chisel and I'd love for you to be a part of it! 

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