When salads just won't do

Summertime usually means cool, fresh, crisp foods. Which is why salads are usually my number one choice for lunches, dinners out, and an easy meal to throw together. But lately, I have just been SO sick of salads. My coworker and I were commiserating about this the other day, and how even though we vary our salads and types of dressings, sometimes, salads just won't do. 

Now, y'all know how much I LOVE my plants and love my veggies. And I love getting 4-5 cups of vegetables in while eating a hearty salad. But this girl needs her variety when it comes to food, or I'll be finding myself at the closest bakery deciding between a brownie, cookie, or both. Ya feel me?

It is important that our meals are balanced and nourishing, but we also must ENJOY them. Here are some ways to enjoy your vegetables, still eat nourished and balanced, all while saying no to the never-ending salads!

1. Raw vegetables! Crunchy veggies are a great way to get your vegetables in! Use guacamole or hummus as a dip and you can go to town! I love dipping carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers in hummus. It's filling, and you can get 2-3 servings of vegetables in just a snack! 


2. Sauteed, steamed, or roasted veggies. I know it's summer, but there is no rule saying you can't still have warm food! I love sauteing broccoli, bell peppers, kale, eggplant, zucchini, or really any vegetable, flavoring it up, and paring a hefty portion with rice, quinoa, or some chicken for a quick and satisfying meal. I even add some beans and salsa to make a burrito bowl! Or whip up some green curry to flavor this dish up even more. 


3. SOUPS! I love making huge batches of soups or stews. They are so easy to whip up! Just use 1-2 types of beans (my favorite is black), a can of roasted tomatoes, and as many veggies as you'd like. Season the pot with some taco seasoning, and you've got a filling and veggie-filled meal that you can enjoy all week long!


These are just a few ways to help avoid food boredom, while still receiving all the wonderful health benefits that plant foods have to offer! Heathly eating doesn't have to be boring, it can be full of flavor too! 


* if you need some extra support or guideance with meal planning or getting started on a healthy eating journey, feel free to email me (tveen.verano@gmail.com) or contact me above! I'd love to start working with you on living a more nourished and free life!