Weekly Meal Plan: January 23-29

Happy Monday everyone! It's been quite the weekend here in SoCal with all the rain we've had. But I love it! I'm not a fan of driving in the rain, but when I'm warm in my bed hearing the pitter-patter, I'm in heaven! 

Last week was an amazing week for me! I felt like I was finally on track with my meals and workouts since before getting pregnant! Having a healthy pregnancy has always been important to me, but morning sickness + the curveballs that have been thrown at us during this pregnancy have made it difficult. But low impact workouts and nutritious foods are making a comeback!

I wrote last week about how I've been following the 21 day fix containers system again and it's been a lifesaver! It's made it SO easy to stay on track with my meals and make sure I'm getting ENOUGH food. I've gone up a few calorie brackets and added some containers based on how my body is responding. My goal is NOT to lose weight right now, which is why adjusting the meal plan is a-ok with me. But, if you are using this plan to lose weight, I'd say trust the plan and don't adjust things! See how your body feels and go from there! :) 


Here is my general break down of containers: 

6 green (vegetables) 

3 purple  (fruits) 

4 red (proteins)  

4 yellows (carbs)  

2 blue (healthy fats)  

1 orange (dressings)  

6 tsp (nut butters, oils, etc)  


I've been feeling so much more energized and nourished following this meal plan, and that's saying a lot since most of this pregnancy I've been pretty exhausted! Meals are delicious and satisfying, and I'm starting to crave healthier things...win-win!  

So here are my meal ideas for this week! Most are simple and easy because I am not about complicating healthy eating! The simpler you make it, the more likely you'll follow through! 



Spinach scrambles with some type of carb: granola, pancakes, toast  



Oats with berries and peanut butter 

Greek yogurt parfaits (I really can't stand Greek yogurt and it usually gives me tummy aches, but I want to see if I can handle a little bit of the non-fat kind in the mornings for some extra protein!) 



Turkey taco meat w/rice and salad 

Leftovers from... 



Whole wheat spaghetti w/turkey meatballs & roasted broccoli  

Stuffed peppers w/beans and rice (recipe coming soon!) 

Tilapia w/stir fried veggies & potatoes  

**We also have some dinners out planned this week, but I still plan on sticking to my meal plan!  


Workout wise, I'm on week 2 of country heat and loving it! It's fun and low impact which is just what the doctor ordered. I'm going for a check up tomorrow and I'm going to ask if I can do some light strength training for my upper body too, just so I don't lose my muscle! I've found some seated arm workouts on you tube that seem doable, but I'll keep y'all posted! 

I'm ready for another successful week! Are you? If you have trouble making meal plans and following through, my door is always open! Click on the "contact me" button above to get in touch! I'm also currently taking clients for my February Faith & Fit challenge, which will focus on healthy eating, how God can help us with our healthy eating goals, and how we can honor God with our health and fitness journeys!  


Email me at coachtveen@gmail.com if you are interested in more info or want to join! I'd love to have you!  


Here's to a wonderful Monday and a great start to the week, friends! :)