Friday Favorites!

It’s Friday, so why not time for some Friday Favorites? I’ve been loving a lot this week, but here’s my top 5 FAVORITES from the week! 


1. Instant Pot. If you follow me on social media/Instagram (@happywholeeats.RD), you’ll know that I’ve been obsessed with my brand new Instant Pot! I’ve made so many dishes and my meal prep has been a breeze! Between hard boiled eggs, shredded salsa chicken, rice, potatoes, sesame orange chicken, and smashed sweet potatoes, I’d say I’ve used that that machine with ease and it’s made clean up the easiest thing ever (just one pot!) SO thankful that my hubby decided to give it to me early so I could begin playing with it instead of waiting till Christmas!



2. Emma’s winter outfit. We were up in Big Bear last weekend and we had Miss Emma bundled up in the cutest little outfit! We couldn’t handle her cuddliness! She was our little teddy bear up in Big Bear!










3. My RD anniversary! On December 2nd, I realized it was my 4-year anniversary of being a registered dietitian! I am so thankful to have found a career that is truly a joy and hobby of mine. I am such a nerd when it comes to food and our health, and to be able to practice this and study it as a job between being a renal dietitian, private practice dietitian, and online wellness is the best feeling ever! I am so thankful for the opportunities God has given me!


4. Build my Life. We sang this song up in Big Bear and I’ve had it on repeat every since. It gets my heart and mind in the perfect place, on the foundation of Jesus. Listen to it!



5. Shift shop. I’m finishing up my third week of Shift Shop, an at-home workout program, and am LOVING how I feel! These workouts are tough and increase in time each week. Next week is the bonus week, which means 50 minute workouts! Doing them at home has made it so easy to fit these into my morning routine though, and I’m feeling pretty strong and toned if I do say so myself! I’m happy to be getting myself in shape for a new 80 day program I am starting up in January...if you want in on that contact me above! We can support each other throughout the 80 days and make sure we give the program our all!

Post workout selfie with Emma!

Post workout selfie with Emma!


That's all for this Friday! I hope you all have a great end to the week and a fabulous beginning to the weekend!