Life Update, Mom Life, and Lifting Heavy!

Hello friends! How have the past three months been treating y’all? I can’t believe it’s been thatl long since I’ve blogged! Life has changed dramatically for us in the last few months as we welcomed our second baby girl on February 18th! It’s been a blessed time sprinkled with some sleep deprivation and terrible 2’s from Emma. But overall, life has been pretty amazing praise God! 


I’m still on maternity leave, which I am fully enjoying! It is so nice to be home with these two babies and I’m not taking any second of it for granted!  And what’s also exciting is I’ve been able to take on more clients now that I’m home and am blessed to be helping these women, specifically women like me who struggle with emotional eating and want a way out! Check out my nutrition mentorships above if you’re interested in becoming a client and working together throughout the summer! There are different options and we can figure out what works best for you! 

Most days for us consist of me waking up before the kiddos to get my morning routine done: Jesus time, journaling, working out, and *hopefully* getting a shower in before Lily is up for her first feeding!  Then we get big sister up for the day, eat breakfast, play, maybe watch some Disney movies, and just enjoy being together! Some days I try to go out with them if I have someone with me like my hubby, mom, aunt, or other family members, but we’ve pretty much been homebodies for the past couple months!  I’m hoping I’ll get more confident in the next few weeks to go out with both babies but for now, home it is! 

As far as working out, I think I was the happiest woman in the WORLD when my OB cleared me to go back to working out! I started off with easier circuit training workouts, but just started an 8-week lifting program this week! I will say, I already feel stronger...lifting heavy is my jam! Which is strange since I used to be a cardio queen back in the day. And even though I’m still a runner at heart (and hope that my knees can handle a couple days of running per week soon), for now I am really enjoying lifting heavy 4 days/week and doing short 20 minute HIIT workouts on my off days!  

I DO have goals and want to get back to a weight that I’m comfortable in (and where my pre-pregnancy jeans fit again), but for now I am enjoying working out not only for the physical benefits but for the emotional and mental health benefits as well. Post-partum anxiety is a real thing, and since I already struggle with anxiety, working out not only will help me get back into my jeans but also helps me start the day off with releasing as much stress and anxiety as possible! 


Overall, my heart is full and I am so thankful for this life of mine. It has its struggles and twists & turns but God’s hand is in it and I am forever grateful for my sweet family. Thank you for reading, and to stay more in touch, I have been sharing my daily life and behind the scenes over on Instagram, so make sure to follow me @tveenverano.rd! 

  happy Friday and happy long weekend!!