Daily Manna: Navigating Food Freedom

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, and I always get great feedback from doing them! So I thought I’d let you all know what a day in the life has been looking like lately, especially as I navigate intuitive eating and food freedom.

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with baby girl #2, and it’s been a crazy pregnancy to say the least! Thank God everything is going well with baby and I, but the pregnancy is just flying by! I am still trying to savor the moments, feel the baby move around, and thank God daily for the life He is growing inside of me!

This day started out like any other, with my morning routine! I am SUPER passionate about my morning routine and spending time with Jesus first thing, before I do anything else. I woke up, brewed some coffee (yes, in a Christmas mug) and settled down to my journaling and Bible study. Mornings are some of the sweetest times and I cherish them every day!


After my coffee and Jesus time, I did a 30 minute leg workout. It was lifting + some (modified for me) HIIT at the end. It was such a good workout! I then went live for my Nourished & Free community members and chatted all about MINDSET. Friends, mindset is everything when it comes to well, everything. There is a reason God says that we are transformed by the renewing of our MINDS!

After my video for my clients, I got ready and got Emma ready for the day. I have been craving oatmeal lately, but for months I wasn’t allowing myself to have any because #carbs. BUT, now that I am in a healthier place of food freedom (you can watch this video where I go into all the nitty gritty details) I decided to whip up some warm, comforting oats. I cooked the oats with water and chia seeds, then topped with 1/2 a banana, peanut butter, cinnamon, and stevia. DELICIOUS!


I dropped off Emma at daycare, then headed into work. I had a busy morning, but snacks included veggies and nuts! I then had to run some errands for work at Walmart and had an overall frustrating experience there with not only the staff, but the customers too. I left feeling so grumpy, which I hate. I am usually a happy person, so when I get upset or moody, it makes me upset! But, we all have our days. I got to my second clinic for the day around lunch time, and my coworker and I went on a short walk before settling down to eat our food. The sunlight + having a nourishing lunch of chicken, broccoli, rice, and a side of avocado that I forgot to include in the picture, was just what I needed!


I meal prepped this chicken verde in the instant pot at the beginning of the week, along with the rice. The roasted broccoli took 20 minutes from frozen to deliciously roasted, and voila! We had lunch ready to go for today. It really doesn’t have to be complicated to plan and prepare your meals!


I had a mini honeycrisp apple in the afternoon, but my cravings were screaming to have a cheddar-y snack. I knew that we had some cheddar + caramel popcorn at home, so I waited till I got home, took a relaxing shower (my hubby picked up Emma from school so I got some time to myself) and then I had some popcorn while cooking turkey meat for dinner! 


This was so huge for me. I had a craving, but I didn’t haphazardly stop somewhere on the way home and shovel food into my mouth. I didn’t eat in secret or hide the evidence. I had a craving, listened to it in a calm way, enjoyed my food, and then proceeded with life! I finished cooking the turkey meat and made a huge taco salad, because that’s what my body was craving in that moment!


Its been so interesting navigating this freedom after almost 2 years of following a tight restrictive plan. After dinner we bathed Emma, played with her a bit, and put her down to sleep!

Before we went to bed, my husband and I had brownies with ice cream as I’ve been needing a bedtime snack to not wake up starving (oh pregnancy). 


This was the best nightcap and then I zonked out at 8:30 like the grandma I am.


Thanks for reading along! And remember, what a day of food freedom and eating nourished and free looks like for me is different than what it may look like for you! We are all different, which is why it’s important to know how to best nourish your body and what works best for you! 

The Joyfully Fit Community!

Are you tired of endless dieting, boring workouts, and just feeling like you are stuck in a cycle of defeat?

Are you craving BALANCE in your health journey, a steady flow of nourishing your body, moving and being active, and knowing when to treat yo'self in a FREEING way? 

Are you constantly feeling tired, low energy, and that you just can't muster up the strength to do all the things you need to do in a day?

Girl, I've BEEN there, I've found a way out, and now I'm grabbing you to come along with me!

As a dietitian and health & wellness coach, I have been running online monthly fitness accountability group, which I call my Joyfully Fit Bootcamp! For months, I ran these groups and helped women get from where they were to where they wanted to be. My clients lost weight, gained confidence, reached new fitness heights, and finally lived the healthy lifestyles they always wanted.

Now, we are taking it up a notch and forming a COMMUNITY of women! Once you become a member of the Joyfully Fit Community, you have lifetime access, which means you will ALWAYS have a tribe behind you, encouraging you, and motivating you along your journey!

We all know what we should be doing: eat more vegetables, eat less sugar, stop drinking soda, and the list goes on and on. But what stops us from going from where we are to where we want to be? What makes us terrified of failure and feeling like we are stuck in our unhealthy ways?
For me in my journey, it was lack of support and accountability. For years, I tried to do it all on my own. I struggled through binge eating, over-restriction, obsessively exercising, and self-sabotage every time I got close to my goals. Once I found a community of women just like me, striving for health and balance, I felt free. I had a group of people behind me that were cheering me on and motivating me to be the best version of the person God created me to be.

You can have this too. You don't have to live in defeat. You were made for SO much more than a life of guilt, shame, and regret. You are worth a healthy mind, a strong body, and a nourished soul. And with my Joyfully Fit Bootcamps, I will help you get there!


So, what do you GET from this community membership??

  • An easy to follow at home workout plan that is only 30 minutes and so easy to fit into your busy lifestyle

  • A dietitian-approved portion control meal plan that makes healthy eating SO easy and fool-proof and that won’t leave you feeling deprived one bit!

  • A dense superfood shake that will give you all the nutrients you need in whole-food form

  • a community of rockstart women that have your back and will always be there for you!

  • ME as your person! I’ll be your biggest cheerleader and help you get from where you’ve always been to where you are destined to be; living your healthiest and fullest life!


If this sounds like the type of accountability and community you have been waiting for, let’s chat! I can pair you with the perfect program that best suits your lifestyle and goals and we can get started from there! Packages (that contain everything listed above!!) start at $160: just a one-time fee to join in on a lifetime of fun, motivation, accountability, and SUCCESS! Our community will officially kick off in April, but I will be accepting new clients to start every Friday! It'll be an ongoing space for all of us to share our journeys together!


If you are interested in joining, fill out the form below and let's get started!

Name *

Why I returned to Beachbody Coaching!


I am bursting at the seams (literally since I'm pregnant haha) to share with you all that I am BACK to being a Beachbody coach as of last week!  This decision was a LONG time coming, and I'm so happy I was brave enough to join back into the community that I love so much. 

As many of you know, I became a Beachbody coach back in 2015 and loved it! I was helping people lose weight, get healthy, and find the strength within themselves to finally live the healthy life they've always wanted. But by summer of 2016, I let life and other stresses get in the way. I also wanted to focus more on my private practice as a dietitian (which I'm still doing!) so I decided to step back from Beachbody. Within a month, I immediately regretted that decision! There is just something about the community I am a part of (shout out to Team Inspire Joy!) that I loved and missed. Those ladies strove to be better people, and encouraged me to a be a better person as well. We were all still friends outside of coaching, but I missed doing Beachbody life with them (i.e. workouts, shakeology, motivational talks, inspiring books, and business trainings). 

I thought long and hard for MONTHS about joining back, and then got pregnant (wooo!) and has a rough first trimester of pregnancy. My hubby and I made a deal that I'd wait till I was feeling better to make a final decision. And on January 4th, 2017, I rejoined my teamof  Beachbody coaches and am officially open for business again! 

Being back in the beach body world has taught me two things: one, that I have so much potential inside me that I should not waste. God has gifted us all with special abilities and I firmly believe that my career as a dietitian plus my passion for health and fitness have brought me to the very place. I won't let fear or anything else hold me back from my bigger purpose! 

Two: being a part of a community of women that are striving to make themselves better physically, spiritually, and emotionally is what I need. I needed that boost of motivation to choose healthier foods for me and my baby, to work hard at my business, and to surround myself with women that I know will empower me to just be BETTER...to be ME. Life is short and we only get one, so why not do the things that make us happy? 

So what does life look like right now for me? Well; I am still taking private clients through my practice as a dietitian (see above for more info!) BUT I will also be starting up my free accountability groups and longer challenge groups (my bootcamps!) that I ranmonthly  as a Beachbody coach! To kick off my business, I am hosting a FREE 5 day healthy eating challenge staring next Monday, the 16th! This is what it entails and all you will receive, for free! 




If you are interested in joining; or have any questions on how you can work with me, fill out the form below and I'll get back to you! I'm planning on making 2017 an amazing year and I'm hoping you will do the same! Don't sell yourself short on what you are capable of or what you are worth! Fill out the form below and we can start brainstorming ways to help you reach your goals and get healthier and happier! 

Name *

Food & Fitness Plan: December 12-18

Hello there! Is it just me, or is December flying by? I feel like we are going to blink and 2017 will be here! There are so many "new" things happening soon, a new year, new life as a mama in May 2017, and a new job starting tomorrow! I'm so excited for this new phase of my life! God is so so good :)  

With that said, I don't really know what this week will look like. My hours will be later than usual, which means slower mornings but less free time in the evenings. I'll be training for about 2 weeks and I'm not sure what my exact schedule will be! But I'm hoping that my meals will still stay on point and I'll be able to balance it all out. I know I'll be more tired come dinner time, so I'm going to try to make it as easy on us as possible to have quick and easy meals on hand! 


So, on to the menu for this week!  


* Eggs: I've been digging eggs lately, so my plan is to scramble up eggs every morning to start the day off with protein!  

* Oatmeal: warm oats have been hitting the spot on cold mornings so I may have my eggs with a side of oats or wrapped up in a tortilla. My favorite way to eat eggs! 



* Veggie & hummus sandwiches: I've been craving some good hummus sammies so I plan on making sandwiches for lunch with some cheese, veggies, and hummus! 

* leftovers from dinner...which brings us to...



* Roast: my mom made us a delicious roast lunch after church so we will be having the leftovers of that! Thanks Mama! 


* Spicy peanut chicken, brown rice, broccoli: this will just be chicken marinated in the Spicy peanut dressing from TJ's! 

* Chicken tortilla roll ups: recipe coming soon!  

* Tilapia, potatoes, broccoli: our go-to easy dinner!  

 * I'm hoping to also pair most of these meals with some broccoli to get my veggies in! 


Snacks will consist of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and crackers!  


Yum, I am SO excited for all these eats! I strongly encourage you to pick foods and meals you love for the week so you get excited about following your meal plan. That way you actually stick to it! And as always, if you need help making a healthy meal plan for you or your family, my door is always open! Click on "work with me" above to see how we can start working together to make your life healthier and happier! 


Have a fantastic week everyone!  


Looking for a Dietitian? Look no further!

When was the last time you saw your nutritionist? Did you know seeing a registered dietitian nutritionist (like myself!) is just as crucial as seeing a doctor or dentist? What we eat on a daily basis determines a LARGE majority of our health! Food not only impacts your weight, but also your moods, energy, sleep, stress, immune system, skin, hormones, and SO much more! Our bodies are fascinating, and it’s our job to treat them with love and respect, and that starts with living a healthy life!


I am now taking private clients as part of my nutrition consulting business, and I would love to begin working with you! Seeing an RD on a one-on-one basis is crucial when trying to improve habits, gain health, and change your life. As a dietitian, I am the nutrition professional. I listen to each and every one of your concerns, goals, and hopes, and based your needs needs, tailor a plan that will work for you.

Nutrition and the world of health and fitness is so specific. What works for one person may not work for another. That is where working with a dietitian becomes crucial! Let’s work together to tailor a plan and system that will work best for YOUR health and YOUR goals!

  • Stop trying to conform to the next fad diet or low calorie plan that promises results.

  • Start putting your health first and start nourishing yourself from the inside out!

Let me be your guide and support you as you make lasting changes that will get you where you want to go regarding your health, energy levels, and your relationship with food. Living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be suffocating or depriving. Once we begin working together, I will ensure that your new lifestyle will be nourishing to your body and your soul, and will lead you down the path of living a nourished and free life.

If you’d like to learn more about the packages I offer, please click here to read on about my services as an RD! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Pregnancy: Weeks 6-9

By now, we would have probably announced that we are pregnant! My hubby and I are so excited to be welcoming little Baby Verano in May 2017! We can’t wait for our little addition and for the new adventure of parenthood!


I wanted to start blogging my way through the pregnancy but made these posts private at first. But now that the cat is out of the bag, here they are! I plan on blogging throughout the pregnancy on the same questions (found these on another Mama blog and loved them!) to see all the changes! This is my first pregnancy and I am excited/nervous for what is to come!

How far along are you?

I am 9 weeks and 2 days today!


Don’t know yet…not sure if we will find out but we are leaning towards yes!

How big is the baby?

According to my trusty app, the baby is the size of a pecan this week

Total weight gain:

I have actually lost 6 lbs since my pre-pregnancy weight. Hating food can do that to you…

How am I feeling?

SO nauseous. The nausea started at the end of week 5 and is only getting worse by the day. I never want to eat, and even talking about food makes me want to gag. I haven’t actually thrown up yet (thank God) and I hope it stays that way! But food is definitely not my friend right now, and eating has become a chore.

Maternity clothes?

Yep! I know it is still SUPER early, but no one ever tells you about how BLOATED you are during the first trimester. I know my “bump” is mostly bloat, but it was enough to make regular clothes very uncomfortable for me. So this week I started wearing my new maternity black pants to work! WOOO!


Favorite workouts:

We found out very early on that we were expecting, so those first couple weeks before morning sickness (more like all day sickness) hit, I was doing some circuit training and light weight lifting. But ever since the nausea has started I have only been able to go on one walk and on gym session on the elliptical. I always saw myself as having a very active pregnancy, but between the fatigue and nausea, I have only been wanting to rest. I am hoping to get back into a regular workout routine soon!

Stretch marks:

None and I hope it stays that way!


Nothing, absolutely nothing. OR I will have a fleeting craving (biscuits, Armenian cheese, Chinese food) and then have an aversion to it by the time my husband orders it or I make the food I was craving. It’s quite sad.

Food aversions:

Basically everything, especially raw vegetables (salads…blegh) and meat/animal protein.


I am sleeping pretty terribly actually. I am tossing and turning all night, and I don’t even have a belly yet. Hopefully I can get some rest soon!

What I miss:

Working out 100%, eating healthier (why is it that junk food is the only thing that helps with nausea?) and COFFEE, even though the doctor did clear me for one caffeinated beverage per day. I have only been having coffee or tea once a week since we found out.

What I am looking forward to:

Seeing the baby at our ultrasounds, getting bigger and watching my body change, and feeling the baby move!


Well, that’s all for now! Stay tuned for more updates! :)

Healthy & Filling Snacks

You know the feeling…hunger striking in the middle of the day. It isn’t necessarily meal time, but you know you can’t make it till the next meal without a little something. I’ve been there, I’ve suffered through the hunger, and lemme tell ya…it’s not a good idea! When we are hungry, our bodies are asking us to PLEASE eat something so we can refuel and go on with our day. Enter: the trusty snack.

Snacking has gotten such a bad reputation over the years. And if your snack of choice is typically junk food, then that’s understandable. But there are many healthy and filling snack options that are easy to take with you to work or when you are out and about. They will curb your hunger and make sure that you make it till your next meal without an extra large fries from the drive through or a bakery muffin. Been there, done that.

Planning is everything when trying to make healthy food choices. But I’ve made it easy for you! Here are some quick and easy snack ideas for you to use when you are in a bind and need a quick fix. Carry these around with you when you know you will be out for a while, and you will be sure to stick to your healthy eating goals!

Banana + nut butter packets: this is always a great and delicious combination! Justins makes nut butter packets which I love, and they are so easy to carry around! I also just keep a jar of nut butter at work so that when the time come, my banana has the perfect topping so that this fruit + healthy fat snack keeps me full!


Veggies: any kind of vegetable that you can crunch on is a great snack. Try carrots, broccoli, celery, or bell pepper strips. If you have room to bring a dip along, even better. Hummus or guacamole are great dips for veggies. But even just raw veggies are a great option because they are full of fiber and take a while to chew, which helps our brains get the full signal and satisfies our hunger. Plus they are chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants, so it’s a win-win!

Fruits: along the same line as vegetables, fruits are great snacks! You can carry around some apple slices with you or some grapes, or really any fruit you love! They are refreshing and filling, and full of vitamin C and immune boosting properties, which we could all use this time of year…so enjoy!



Trail mix: just like nut butters, trail mix is usually full of different kinds of nutritious nuts. But be careful to pick trail mixes that are made up of mostly nuts and just a few dried fruits and/or chocolate pieces. I’ve gotten a trail mix once that was basically a deconstructed snickers bar…so be sure to read the ingredients and find a trail mix that is lower in sugar and higher in those healthy fats! I also love making my own nut mix (almonds, macadamia nuts, cashews, and just a few dark chocolate covered almonds…YUM!)

Larabars: there are a great option if you DO find yourself out and about without a snack on hand. They are sold at most grocery stores and even at CVS/Rite aid. Larabars are fruit and nut bars made from minimal ingredients and all whole-foods based! There is always a healthy option (even in a packaged form) when you find yourself in a bind.


And there you have it! I hope this list gives you some ideas on how to have healthy and filling snacks on the go! Make it a great week, folks!

May Goals & Motivation

Happy May everyone! (and May the 4th be with you...sorry had to)! This year has been buzzing by, and I can't believe summer is upon us! April felt like a blur as my hubby and I traipsed around France for two weeks. Then we came home, blinked, and BOOM it's May! I love the freshness of a new month and a new season, and I'm so excited to see what this summer has in store! I'm ready for sunny days, beach trips, shorts, and iced tea. Ya feel me?  

Since it's the beginning of the month, and I'm OCD like that, I'd love to share what my goals are for this current month! I loveeee setting goals and intentions, and actually writing them down, because it increases the chances that I will actually follow through and accomplish what I have set out to do! So here it goes!


1. Complete 21 day fix extreme with my Joyfully Fit Bootcamp group! My May bootcamp starts on Monday, May 9th, and I will be doing the 21 day fix extreme along with them! I absolutely love this program, and after 2 months of on-and-off weight training while training for my half marathon, I am so ready to get my muscle tone back and build up my strength again with this program! It's not too late to join in on this accountability group, so be sure to contact me for more info!


2. Spend time with Jesus daily. I think with the busyness of life, I can often wake up with every intention to spend time in the Word, then quickly get sidetracked into emptying the dishwasher or starting laundry at 5am. Quiet times are what I am craving lately, and I know that is just the longing in my heart for Jesus. I want to get back to having that time in the morning and really quieting my spirit before the Lord before the day gets away from me!

3. Containers containers containers! I am going to do my best to stick to the container meal plan system from 21 day fix because it WORKS and makes life so easy. My intentions are to feel vibrant, nourished, and free with my food choices, and this meal plan balancing all 3 of those beautifully. If you have no idea what plan I'm talking about, reach out and I'd love to chat with you about it! 

4. Artist time. I am an artist, and I think I've lost sight of that over the years as a medical/health professional. I want to get back in touch with my artist roots, and I think our time in Paris and Montmartre especially, sparked up my passion again! I want to spend more time sketching and painting and writing and really getting back in touch with the creative little girl I used to be! 


5. De-clutter my life! Whether that's clothes (I have stuff from high school!), papers that have piled up, or mail I need to sort through, I know that I function better in a tidy environment. I'm planning on some spring cleaning this month to declutter my environment as well as my mind!  


So so excited to attack these goals and get started on this month! What are some of your goals, hopes, and dreams? I'd love to provide you with support and encouragement to reach them! Always feel free to contact me through the link above and we can start chatting and seeing if working with me is a good fit for you! 


Have a great Wednesday everyone!  

What 10 months of coaching has taught me

Happy Friday all! I hope everyone had a glorious week...just one week left until Christmas and I couldn't be more excited! I can't wait to spend time with family and my husband on our first Christmas together! 

Today is actually a special day for me because it's been 10 months since I decided to take the plunge and become a wellness coach! On February 18th, right before church, I impulsively decided to sign up as a beach body coach because I was in LOVE with the program I was doing at the time (piyo!) and wanted to pay it forward. Little did I know that becoming a coach would completely change my life in the best possible way. I've learned so much these past 10 months and could probably gush about coaching and our team for HOURS, but for now, I thought I'd talk about a few things I've learned from my 10 months of coaching: 


1. I can do hard things. Since becoming a coach, I finished my first fitness program and went on to finish others. I've NEVER seen fitness programs through and for once, I held myself accountable and did what I said I would do! I used to self-saboatage myself into failure and stop programs mid-way, but becoming a coach helped me stay accountable to myself and the team of coaches I am a part of! Which brings me to #2...

2. I can just be me and be accepted for who I am. When you sign up as a coach, you typically join a team of coaches and have a mentor coach. I stumbled upon Team Inspire Joy and literally thank God every day that I am part of this particular team. These women empower me every day and accept me for who I am, flaws and all. This confidence has helped me be more real with others through this blog, Instagram, and just in my every day life in general. Who I am is good, and who God made me is beautiful. So I CAN just be me! :) 

3. I am a true entrepreneur. I've always wanted to have my own business and work from home, but I always thought, "that would never work for me." Well I'm here to tell you that it has! I'm officially an entrepreneur and am my own boss. I decide when and where to work on my coaching business, and I decide what kind of business I want to have. I am making a substantial side income and I can't wait to see where 2016 takes me on the business side of things! Full-time coaching here I come! 

4. I absolutely love supporting and empowering other women to take control of their health. This job seriously sets my soul on fire and I love being able to connect with people who have had the same struggles as I have, while helping them grow and reach their full potential. It's been amazing to see my Joyfully Fit Bootcamp ladies take charge, set goals, and then conquer them with the support of our awesome community! 

5. I love coaching coaches!   This part of the job has been such a rewarding aspect of coaching! I never saw myself as a leader, but now I am leading other coaches and helping them do what I do, all by strengthening them to be themselves, share their story, and grow their own coaching business. I'm growing a team of my own personally-mentored coaches called Team Joyfully Fit. They are a group of strong and confident women, and I could not be more proud of each and every one of these ladies! 


My heart is so full right now as I look back on these 10 months. God has blessed me with this opportunity and I am so excited to pay it forward, not only in my clients, but to my team of coaches as well! I can't wait to see where God takes this business.  I've grown so much as a woman and as a daughter of the King, and I have confidence in Him that this is what He has created me to do: to empower others to live vibrant, healthy, and confident lives. 


Interwsres in in doing what I do and joining our team? Email me at TveenRD@gmail.com for some info, or comment below with your email address and I will get in touch with you! 

Mixing and Matching! Weekly Food & Fitness Plan



Hello people!! I am back from a much needed weekend of no phone service and no electronics, out in the wilderness enjoying God's creation. My husband and I went camping with a few people from his work association this past weekend, and it was quite an adventure to say the least! It started pouring rain on Saturday and ruined our beach plans, but we did get some campfire time and braved the storm to enjoy a wonderful evening and Sunday morning! It was my first camping experience and while I enjoyed it, I have never been more thankful for my shower and bathroom than I was this morning! 

This week will be a busy one, but I am ready to take it full steam ahead! I really am excited to get back into my healthy eating routine after a chips and salsa and s'more filled weekend! I started the day off today with my Shakeology and planned an afternoon workout so that I could get to work earlier.



After work, I'm planning on heading to the gym for a run/walk interval workout on the treadmill. I am driving STRAIGHT to the gym, because I just know that the minute I walk into our apartment, I will be faced with piles of laundry and unpacking and my OCD tendencies would make me pick cleaning over exercise. I want to get my workout out of the way before stepping foot in our apartment! Even though life can get busy, I always make sure to get my workout in during the day (preferably in the morning), because I just know I am a better version of myself when I workout. 

This week, I am mixing and matching some workouts and changing up my routine. I restarted the 21 day fix last week, and I am still going to incorporate those workouts, but I am going to add a few runs, and some more beach body workouts from beach body on demand! I know I haven't talked about on demand much, but it's basically a Netflix streaming version for fitness programs. All of the P90x workouts are on there, plus Chalene Extreme, Insanity, and so much more! I have grossly underutilized this amazing feature of being a part of the Beach Body family, so I want to play around with it a bit this week and see how many different workouts I can try!  Let me know if you are interested in trying out their different programs! It's such a great tool to get variety into your workouts! 


Here is my plan for the week!

Monday: run/walk at the gym

Tuesday: 21 day fix total body cardio

Wednesday: Chalene Extreme workout

Thursday: 21 day fix lower body fix

Friday: P90x3 workout 

Saturday: Beach body Super Saturday event! WOOHOOOO I can't wait!

Sunday: 21 day fix dirty 30


I am so excited to try the new workouts this week and keep to my tried and true 21 day fix workouts as well. Keep up with me on my Instagram to see how these workouts go and what I think of them! @tveen.verano 

As far as meals go, I am going to keep them nice and simple this week. I am planning by food group this week to make sure I get all my food groups in, while keeping my meals as healthy and EASY as possible. Healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated, and for that, I am grateful!



Cilantro Thai Garlic Chicken (recipe on my blog)
Grass fed taco meat





Grilled asparagus


Frozen berries







Roasted potatoes



Fruits/veggies count in this group as well!  


Healthy fats:


Grass fed butter


Sunflower seeds

Olive oil



No-bake Shakeology energy balls! This is a recipe I am experimenting with...coming soon! 


I am really looking forward to making this week a healthy one! My goals are to stick to my daily workouts and shakeology, keep working on being the best coach possible for my clients, cleaning my house, and staying connected to Jesus every day! :) 

What are some of your goals? Comment below, I'd love to hear! :)