Our 2 year Anniversary!!

This past Saturday, August 30th, my fiancé Vasken and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary since we started dating. Vasken planned an amazing day for us filled with activities and events we both love. It was without a doubt an unforgettable day, so I wanted to write about it to not only share what we did, but also as a lasting memory to us of our fun day together! The day started out at 7:30am. Vasken picked me up and we drove about 45 minutes to an amazing hiking trail called "Bridge to Nowhere."



The trail was 4.5 miles to the bridge and 4.5 miles back. Needless to say, it was a long and strenuous hike!! But it was beautiful being in God's creation and such a great feeling of accomplishment getting to the bridge!




The night before, we had stopped by Whole Foods to pack lunches for the hike. I chose chicken, sweet potatoes, and tons of veggies! I also packed some nuts with a few dark chocolate almonds mixed in. However, it was SO hot that the chocolate melted all over the rest of my nuts! I didn't mind!! ;)




We ended the hike around 3pm and burned a crazy amount of calories in the process!



From the mountains, Vasken drove me straight to my favorite nail salon to get a mani/pedi! He is definitely a keeper!!


After getting pampered, we got ready for the evening and headed out to dinner. Vasken surprised me and took me to dinner at the Langham Hotel, a beautiful hotel in our area. Our experience eating at their Royce Steakhouse was unforgettable and delicious!! We found a nice card on the table the minute we sat down (my fiancé's first name is Jerusalem...just so there is no confusion!)



The service here was incomparable. Our server walked us through the entire menu as we were overwhelmed and excited about all the options. We finally decided on the Caesar salad as an appetizer, two steaks, and mushroom and asparagus side dishes. Everything was delicious and definitely lived up to the name this restaurant has!




For dessert, we ordered beignets. Little did we know the staff already had a surprise dessert for us as well. We enjoyed the chocolate espresso cake and our beignets. I fell in love with the beignets!! They were to die for and so amazingly light and sweet all at the same time!





I thoroughly enjoyed every part of our dinner and desert. This was a special occasion, and I knew these foods would be a once in a lifetime treat! I have never tasted beignets this delicious before, so I had absolutely zero guilt after dinner!! After our dessert overload, we decided to walk around the hotel. It was beautiful and had romantic light decorations outside.

This day was an unforgettable memory that I will always cherish. I feel so blessed to have a wonderful fiancé like Vasken who thinks of the best ways to celebrate things together!! It was a day that I will never forget! I can't wait to make more memories together as we start our new married life together soon!!