Friday Favorites

Happy June everyone! I can't believe how quickly this year is flying by. Summer is here and I am so excited for beach days, time in the sun, and enjoying this season with my little tribe. I thought I'd share what I've been digging lately and what I've been grateful for in life, because God is good and I definitely feel blessed!

1. Father's Day cookies. I've posted about these cookies so many times, and you can find the recipe here. These are my husband's favorite cookies. They are so delicious and light, so I woke up early on Sunday morning to bake them for him! We've been munching on them all week, so delicious!


2. Disneyland days. I am beyond grateful to have the chance to enjoy so many Disneyland days with Emma! We went on Monday and had so much fun! I love watching her learn and notice new things every time we go. She is growing up so fast!!! I also had to stop myself from buying this  cute Beauty and the Beast tea set. Belle is my favorite Disney princess! Who is yours??

3. Limiting caffeine. Ever since becoming a mom, I've gotten into a bad habit of having 3-4 cups of coffee a day. So I've made a more conscious effort to just have 1 cup of coffee/day, and I'm feeling a lot better! I am definitely a bit more tired, but I know that I will get used to it and it's better for me overall, and might help my sleep too!


4. Free food at work. I used to not give in to the free food at work because it's typically not the healthiest, but this week I definitely enjoyed some! We had an all-day training yesterday and they brought Corner Bakery for breakfast and Panera for lunch...basically all. the. carbs. I ate what I typically don't eat, but health is not about being perfect 100% of the time. It's about eating nourishing food MOST of the time so that your body is able to handle the occasional treats and sweets! That's a much healthier mindset to live in long-term, and I got right back on my healthy eating plan today and feel incredible!


5. Emma's Mickey Mouse toys. My cousin got Emma these toys for her birthday and she has been OBSESSED with them. Every morning she wakes up and talks to them, carries them around the house, and sets them up all around her. It's absolutely adorable to watch her play and interact and babble! I just love this girl so so much.


I hope you can also think of some things you are thankful for in your life or the blessings God has bestowed upon you this week! Blessings are all around, you just gotta look for them! Happy Friday, everybody!

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday everyone! This week flew by for me since I had Monday off, but I'm still so happy the weekend is here! We have really been enjoying our new home, and my favorite part so far has been my 8 minute commute, versus my 45 minute commute to our old apartment! It is so nice to finally clock out and be settled at home 10 minutes later. 

I thought I'd do a "Friday Favorites" post since I have a lot of favorites to chat about lately!

1. My new work space! Last summer, I set a goal that in one year, I wanted a set and official work space. As many of you know, I am currently building a business as a Beachbody coach, but the only room I had in our old apartment was the floor, couch, or random moments on my phone to work on it! In our new house, we converted the second bedroom to an office for both my hubby and I, and this goal has officially been met! I love having my quiet time here, space to work on my business and check in with my clients , and a space to workout! It's quickly becoming my favorite room of the house. 


2. Justin's nut butter packs. I have one of these a DAY and they are just delicious and amazing and fill me right up! Healthy fats are so "in" nowadays, and I love that there is a sweet treat packed inside these packets, as well as healthy almond butter! The vanilla almond butter and chocolate hazelnut butter are my absolute favorites!


3. Armor of God study! In my work space picture above, you can see that I am currently working my way through the "Armor of God" Bible study by Pricilla Shirer. This study is so eye opening, faith-strengthening, and has rocked me to my core. It is all about being armed and ready for the enemy's attacks. This week was about real faith and how to step out in faith so that your faith takes action and isn't just theoretical. So convicting, I can't wait to keep going and digging into God's word! 

4. Hammer and Chisel! I started up Hammer and Chisel again this past Monday! It's my favorite program and I already feel more like myself doing it! This program + following the 21 day fix meal plan has given me SO much freedom in my health and fitness journey! Building and learning how to feed your muscles is so rewarding and strengthening. I feel like God is making me stronger with this program and teaching me how to use whatever I eat and drink for HIS glory, not my own. My Nourished and Free community is also following along with the 21 day fix meal plan and feels the same! The program is actually on a massive sale this month with Shakeology, so now is the perfect time to try it out if you have been curious about it! It's not too late to join us, click here for more info! 


5. Plants! I've been gushing about my love of plants for months since I've been adopting a more plant-based approach to eating, so I am sharing what I've learned in a FREE accountability group next week about eating more plants! I've been researching and writing up recipes for my group all morning and I am just so excited for everyone in the group and the info they will be receiving! If you'd like to join, it's not too late! Just fill out the form below and I will get in touch with you. Remember this group is FREE with no strings attached, so take advantage of getting back on track with your eating and veggies before the 4th of July weekend celebrations begin!

That's all I have for this lovely Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful, restful, and exciting weekend! 

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Daily Manna: a day of eats on Hammer & Chisel!

I thought it would be fun to do another daily manna post on what I eat in a typical day while I do my new workout program, Hammer & Chisel! I've been eating a LOT more during this program because lifting heavy works those muscles, and those muscles need FOOD! It's been so nice and freeing to trust my body and eat what nourishes and fuels it, as well as what tastes just plain GOOD. I feel more energized and nourished, which is an awesome feeling. So, here is a typical day of eats!

Typically, after my morning workout, I have my chocolate shakeology! I blend it with coconut milk, ice, water, and sometimes a handful of spinach. It's delicious and the perfect, refreshing fuel after a tough workout! And because this day was an extra hungry day, I had a banana with peanut butter as well! Gotta feed the beast!

Around 9am, my coworker and I make coffee and have a mid-morning snack. I had my apple and a peanut butter cookie addicted to these! They are delicious and really fill me up till lunch time! For lunch, I almost always pack a lunch, but on this day, we decided to order from our favorite Mediterranean place! I got a veggie plate which contained falafel, hummus, mutabel (an eggplant dip), tabbouleh, grape leaves, tons of salad, and pita! And I had some carrots on the side too!

This lunch definitely filled me up and kept me satisfied for a while. I came home and got the baking itch, so I decided to whip up a healthified version of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies! Click here for the recipe!

I thoroughly enjoyed one of these fresh from the oven while doing my book club reading! We are reading Emma and I am so engrossed in this novel! I'm reading about 5 books right now...#bookwormprobs...but this is one I cannot put down! Oh Jane Austen, your writing is addictive! 

Dinner was a hit, especially with the hubby! As he was eating he literally said..."oh my goodness, I'm so glad I married you." Umm yea, lol...good thing I love to cook! So here is my hint: cajun salmon from Trader Joe's! It's pre-seasoned (but super spicy so beware!!!!) I served it up with some steamed veggies and oven-roasted fries! 

We ended the night with some reading and relaxing. It's always nice to have a no-TV night at home, because the TV can totally suck us in! We decided to keep the electronics off last night and read and talk. I highly recommend it! :) 

So as you can see, there are a lot of plants going into this body of mine (veggies, fruits, whole foods) as well as some treats (a cookie!) It's all about balance, and as long as most of your diet consists of those healthy foods, there is room for a treat now and then. I call them "all the time foods" vs. "sometimes foods." Try it sometime :) and especially with a program like Hammer and Chisel, there is NO room for restricting calories or nutrients! This program is SO intense and builds strong and lean muscles, which need food for fuel! So fuel up, girl! And don't be scared of food.

Want to give this program a try too? It's seriously been life-changing! Email me at for some more info, or fill out the form below! Have a wonderful rest of your day!

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Food and Fitness Plan: 13 days till the Wedding!


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Easter with your loved ones. My Easter weekend was great! I had a fun time with both my fiancé's family and my family. We also celebrated his birthday, which was on Friday! So lots of fun family time, and LOTS of yummy and not so healthy food. But I am working on leaving that part of the weekend in the past, and focusing on all the fun I had with my loved ones, as well as the true reason for the day, which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

I also found time in my busy day yesterday to meal prep! The picture looks gross (I really need a nicer camera!) but the dish I made was a quinoa pesto with tons of veggies! So easy and delicious, I will share the recipe soon!


After our Easter celebrations, my fiancé and I headed to our apartment to set some things up. I got to wash and organize all of our "pop" containers! SO IN LOVE WITH THESE!! I am a kitchen nerd!


My 13 days away. 13!!!! I can't believe it! I am so excited, but also nervous about how everything will go. But I know that in 14 days, it won't matter, because we will be married, and finally start our life together!

So this week, my focus will be on getting good nutrition and working hard at my workouts. As many brides can relate to, I really want to look good on my wedding day! I am hoping I will lose the bloat from all the treats I ate this weekend (apple pie, Chinese food...twice) and feel strong and confident on our wedding day! So here is my tentative meal plan for the week:



Scrambles with vegetables


Quinoa pesto with vegetables

Turkey burger



Out with friends and family! This week is so busy, I will probably have to be eating out in the evenings. But I am planning on sticking to lots of vegetables and protein. Lean, clean, and green dinners!



Vegetables w/hummus


As far as workouts go, I can't believe it is my last week of PiYo!  I finish the program this Sunday, so only 5-6 more workouts to go! I plan on finishing strong, while including some more runs/cardio and some of the new Beach Babe 3 DVD I got from the Tone it Up girls! Their bikini series starts next week, and I am so excited to incorporate Beach Body programs and the bikini series workouts! And what perfect timing before our honeymoon!

Monday: I did PiYo Drench this morning and sweat was dripping off of me, per usual

Tuesday: PiYo Buns, Beach Babe 3 workout

Wednesday: PiYo Sweat, run/walk

Thursday: PiYo Core, Beach Babe 3 workout

Friday: rest day from PiYo, I will probably do a Beach Babe 3 workout!

Saturday: PiYo Sculpt, run/walk

Sunday: PiYo Drench, the last workout of the program!

That's about it for this week. Keep up with my meals and workouts on my Instagram page! @tveen_RD

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Food & Fitness Plan: 3/9-3/15

Food and Fitness Plan: March 9-15 Hello world!! Ready for a new week? I sure am. I love the beginning of a new week. I like to look at my planner, figure out what’s going on, plan out my workouts, and see what food I have on hand to be as efficient as possible with my meal prep. I did some recipe development this week, and have some leftover BBQ chicken from dinner with my parents a couple nights, SO I am off to a good start with food! I always make sure to have good food and ingredients on hand so that when hunger strikes, I reach for something nourishing and healthy.

I am also on week 4 of my PiYo workouts and loving every minute of it! I plan to continue following the calendar and supplementing with some additional cardio throughout the week. This is my tentative workout plan:


Monday: PiYo

Tuesday: PiYo + cardio 30 mins (either run/walk or elliptical)

Wednesday: PiYo + cardio 30 mins (preferably outside)

Thursday: PiYo x2 (in the AM by myself and in the PM with my friend!)

Friday: Run/walk 45 minutes

Saturday: PiYo strength intervals

Sunday: PiYo + cardio outside

Food-wise, I have a ton of veggies and fruits in the house, plus some good protein options. I also have been doing some recipe development for a special project (eBook of recipes!) that I am working on, so that has been fun too! Here are my meal options for the week:






Taco breakfast bake (can really be eaten with any meal of the day!)

Salads with protein (today will be leftover bbq chicken…yum!)

Lentil Vegetable stew (recipe in the making)

Going out with parents/friends/family (i haven’t been doing much of this lately, but when I do, it’s usually always a healthy choice!)

That about sums up my week! Now I’m off to get ready for MONDAY. I’m hoping this day goes by smoothy and quickly for all of us!

Operation "Let's-feel-like-Wonder-Woman!"

I have been feeling so great lately, and everyone around me can tell. I think it's because of a myriad of things, but since I'm a dietitian, I love to trace things back to food. Food affects us more than we think it does. It obviously affects our health, but also our moods, energy levels, skin, hair, decision making skills, and so many other things. There is a lot of controversy out there about which foods are the best for us. Some say protein, some say beans, some say soy, some say NO to soy, some say only fish, and some say red meat every day. But, the one thing that nutrition experts always agree on is the importance of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet. Study after study shows how important these foods are for vitamins, minerals, and their anti-cancer properties. They are loaded with antioxidants to protect our bodies from harmful substances, as well as fiber, to keep us full and help things "move along" (if you know what I mean). But, these benefits seem so far from the present moment. Sure, vitamins are great, antioxidants are wonderful, and fiber is helpful. But, what about right now? How about how you will actually FEEL on a day to day basis when you increase your fruit and vegetable intake? How about discussing the immediate benefits of replacing other, not so healthy food choices with these colorful beauties?

Well, today, I am here to talk about that! This past week, I have heavily sprinkled these superfoods into my diet. From green smoothies to salads to crunchy veggies for snacks, I've been having an increased amount of fruits and veggies this week, and I've really felt the difference.



Kale and peppers with my eggs


Light and refreshing green smoothie!




Peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots as my morning snack.



Side of cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots with my sausage and taters lunch!



Afternoon snack of berries...yummy!


Adding at least 7-10 servings of fruits and veggies into my daily meals has really effected the way I feel throughout the day. I feel more energetic and positive. My moods are lifted and I feel just...happier! I also feel more full throughout the day. People think salads and vegetables/fruits won't keep them full because of how low calorie they are. But, they are actually packed with fiber, so they DO keep us full and help us resist giving in to cravings.

I've basically felt on top of the world, which is the reason I've been saying all week that I feel like Wonder Woman (or Superman...if you are a male)! I feel like I could conquer anything, and I really believe my food choices have a lot to do with that feeling. Food can be a mood depressor or a mood lifter. For example, having a ton of refined sugar and carbs can lift us up but then, soon after, send us crashing down. In contrast, fruits and vegetables lift our moods up and stabilize our blood sugars since they contain fiber, keeping us lifted, energetic, full and "regular" (added perk)!

So, you may be asking, how do I add more vegetables and fruits to my diet if it's something I'm not used to?? Great question! Here are some easy ways to add more vegetables and fruits to your diet:


- Add vegetables to your morning omelet such as kale, spinach, peppers, onions, or broccoli.

- Add berries to your oatmeal or cereals in the morning.

- Make green smoothies, or add some kale and spinach to all-fruit smoothies. Fruit smoothies are great too, but smoothies made with ALL fruit can often be very high in sugar. Add some veggies and take out a bit of the fruit to balance out the sugar, while adding more vitamins A and C!

- If you are a big rice eater, cut the amount of rice you eat in half at lunch, and add a HUGE salad to replace the rice. Try to add as many vegetables as possible to your salads! Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower, just go crazy! The sky is the limit. Make it your goal to add a new vegetable every week to your salads.

- Have fruits and vegetables as snacks instead of your usual choices such as crackers or snack bars. They take longer to eat and make you chew, which helps increase the "I'm full" signal to your brain and makes you feel more satisfied instead of inhaling a bar in 3 bites!

- Lastly, try to add a salad with your lunch and diner. Even if they are simple salads, adding some greens with some tomatoes and cucumbers will help increase your vegetable intake and add a nutritional punch to each meal.

Which one of these tips would you like to try? Leave a comment and let me know how your operation "Let's-feel-like-Wonder-Woman" goes!

PiYo Meal Planning: Portions, NOT Calories

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you'll know that I have struggled with calorie counting. I decided to give it up a few months back, but have missed the structure of it all. I'm a huge planner and organizer, so when I feel kind of "on my own" about something, I tend to get anxious. While I have dabbled with counting calories again recently, I still stand by the fact that I don't like the effect it has on my brain! I'm not going back there, no matter how much I love to micromanage my life! That's where PiYo comes in. FullSizeRender-2

I'm ending my third week of PiYo workout program and loving every minute of it. I also have LOVED the food plan that it comes with. I tend to follow my own kind of meal plan, but the fact that the PiYo plan counts portions and not calories is huge. The PiYo eating plan places you in a calorie bracket based on your starting weight, but after that, you don't need to count calories. You just tally up how many portions of each food you have for the day. It tells you how much of a certain food counts as a portion, and makes sure you are balanced and well fed throughout the day.


The food choices are endless, and the lists have actually helped me see how many different vegetables, fruits, or proteins I could be eating! I've been looking at my meal plans through this lens lately and it's helped me still have some structure (type A personality anybody?) without getting fixated on the numbers. It's also easy to plan my week by knowing how many portions of each food group I'll need to plan for the day. Usually, I'll plan breakfast, lunch, and snacks, and whatever portions I have left over, I'll have as my dinner. I also don't restrict my vegetable intake. My new mantra: Vegetables make us feel like Wonder eat those babies up!





Veggies and berries have been my go-to snacks lately.



I also LOVE that Shakeology counts as a protein. Sometimes, I just can't handle having chicken, turkey, or eggs at every meal. It's just too much protein and chewing, and frankly is not fun 4-5x/day! Shakeology is delicious, chocolately, and jam-packed with nutrients and superfoods, NOT just protein. I usually have this as my mid morning snack (which is 9am for me haha morning person over here!) and it really helps keep me full while allowing me to slurp on delicious chocolate.

As a disclaimer, I am not crazy strict on these portions either. Being too intense about something is not a way to live a lifestyle. I am all for following a plan to a T for a few weeks, but always keep the fact in that back of your mind that you WILL have to go back to normal life, filled with healthy food choices as well as special events and splurges now and then. If I don't have enough protein portions in one day, too many fruits, or a double serving of my gluten-free toast, I don't freak out about it. I just continue with the day and keep on making healthy choices. I just love the framework of the PiYo eating plan and think it is GREAT for people who are trying to get their nutrition in check.

I'll end this post with my meal plan for today, and how I tally up my portions PiYo-style! Again, I'm not being too strict on myself, just trying to see where my portions lie in relation to the recommendations in the eating plan, and use up whatever food I have in the fridge for this week.

Breakfast: Shakeology, blueberries (1 protein, 1 fruit)

Snack: hard boiled eggs, sliced cucumbers (1 protein, 1 veggie)

Lunch: beans and rice salad (2 grains, 2-3 veggies)

Snack: nuts (2 healthy fats)

Dinner: toss up!

Total without dinner: 2 proteins, 2 grains, 1 fruit, 3-4 veggies, 2 healthy fats


I know I have 2 protein portions left for the day, veggies, and fruits! So I will probably try to have a combination of protein and veggies for dinner and eat till fullness, NOT stuff my face with 8oz of steak just to reach my goal. That is why this plan is helpful; you can tally your portions and see where you are for the day, but you DON'T have to ignore fullness or hunger cues. If you want that extra scoop of rice, have it! If you don't feel like having protein yet again, don't worry about it! It's good to be aware, without being too hard on ourselves. As long as our food choices are healthy and mostly vegetables and whole foods, we are well on our way to nourishing our bodies.


Food essentials to ALWAYS have on hand!

Hello out there! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week. Mine has been busy but in such a good and challenging way. Stresses have turned into joys, and thoughts have turned into actions, and I am just so happy to see what the Lord will bring me in the days, weeks, and months to come! I decided to take a rest day today from my workout since I've been feeling kind of sick and don't want to come down with a full blown flu, which apparently everyone has! I started off my day with this yummy and huge breakfast, my favorite!


Eggs, taters, veggies, and fruit. Never gets old!

I thought I would drop in just to talk about a few essential foods and snacks I always, and I mean ALWAYS, make sure to have at home. When it comes to hunger, I'm no nice girl. I want food, and I want it now. The best way to ensure eating healthy foods is to make sure these foods are always on hand. I compiled a list of foods I always make sure to stock my fridge and pantry with so I don't find myself in a food emergency and reaching for whatever seems to be around.

1. Hummus and carrots. I pretty much eat this combination every single day. It's the perfect mid morning snack and yes, I usually smell like garlic for a while, but it's so worth it. It's a great way to get some veggies and fiber in and keeps me full until lunch time!


2. Nuts. I am nuts for nuts. I go crazy for them. Nuts are usually my afternoon snack. Afternoons are tough since I have lunch and then find myself feeling snacky by 3pm. Not fully hungry mind you, just snacky. Nuts are perfect since they take a while to eat, and all that healthy fat keeps me full and happy until dinner time! I know what you're thinking; it is SO easy to overeat nuts! I've solved this problem by keeping a 1/4 cup measuring cup in my container of nuts to make sure I always have an appropriate portion!


3. Hard-boiled eggs. I would not survive without these beauties. Hard boiled eggs are probably the easiest things to prepare and the most versatile food to carry around with you that has a great nutritional punch!


Eggs are packed with healthy fat and protein that keeps you going for a while. I usually have them as a pre-workout or even as part of my breakfast. To prep, I will boil 5 to 6 eggs at the beginning of the week, usually while getting ready for church on Sunday morning and have them ready for me throughout the week. My little trick to make them easy to peel it's to dump them in some ice water immediately after then they are done boiling, and then store them in the fridge.

4. Larabars.


I'm a big proponent of eating whole meals and whole food before eating convenience foods. But, if I were to pick a bar, I would definitely pick Larabars. Larabars usually have between three and five ingredients and are made from whole foods, no added junk and no chemicals! I keep a few at work and at home for a quick preworkout meal or an afternoon treat.

Those are just a few of my favorite food essentials that I keep on hand! The more healthy foods you stock up on, the healthier you will eat! I hope this post gave some easy and convenient meal and snack ideas for you all! Have an awesome Wednesday!