Food & Fitness Plan: 12/5-12/11

My motto for life has always been, fail to plan and you plan to fail. Maybe that is control-freaky of me, but I love having a plan of attack and knowing what to expect in my day, week, or even month. Granted, I know life throws curve balls and we have to be flexible with our plans, but having a plan just sets my mind at ease and helps me go about my day with some structure? Anyone else? 

With that sad, pregnancy has been a major curve ball for me! Going from working out daily and cooking fresh meals and posting new recipes, to being exhausted all the time and eating goldfish crackers for dinner is a BIG change from the old me. Last night, I went to bed thinking "who am I???" As hard as I try to stick to a healthy lifestyle, pregnancy has required some tweaks and changes. For example, I've been instructed to put my feet up and rest more, and only do light walking. So that has been a big change for me from what I am used to. But, baby is worth it! So as far as my "fitness" plan goes this week, I'm going to walk when I can (lunch, breaks, at the mall) and rest for the rest of the time. 

As far as my food goes, I am going to focus on veggies and fruits this week! I have been eating pretty unbalanced, which I know can happen during pregnancy. I'm taking my prenatals and showing myself grace, but I also know that I need to nourish my body fully. Growing a human is no small task! So with that said, here is my food plan for the week! 

Breakfast: egg wraps, oatmeal w/fruit and nut butter, toast w/nut butter

Lunch/Dinner: we are having some lunches provided for us at work this week, which is nice! Some other things I plan on making are: chicken tortilla roll-ups (recipe coming soon!), tilapia w/potatoes, and turkey burgers w/brown rice and broccoli. I usually lump lunch and dinner together when I plan, because hubby and I are big on leftovers and we usually pack them for the next day!

Snacks: veggies, string cheese, nuts, fruits, crackers, larabars

I feel like these foods will nourish me while still keeping them aversion-friendly and satisfying! As a dietitian, I know how important it is to nourish your body well, especially during pregnancy! So I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit frustrated with my lack of nutritious foods during this pregnancy! But I am feeling much better than the first trimester so I know things will just get better from here! 

If you have trouble planning your meals or figuring out how to stick to a plan to reach your goals, I'm only a click away! I work with my clients to help them reach their goals while developing menus and encouraging them to stick to their plans! Click here to review the services I offer and see what would be a good fit for you! I'd love to begin working with you! :) 

I hope you all have a fantastic week!