Living in the Middle

Extremes can be so tempting for some of us. Extreme ways of living can make us feel secure with their rules and restrictions. And while I do believe rules and restrictions are healthy for us (my personality type is a rule-follower, type A, safe with routine type of person) I also think that living in the middle of extremes can actually be the healthiest thing for us.

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Being a dietitian that has worked with many clients, and has been on her own personal journey with food, I have found the most success with my health and my client’s health when we actually get a little LESS strict with our food rules. So instead of focusing on a 100% clean diet, which ultimately can lead to the binge-restrict extremes,  living in that 80% zone helps us stay balanced in the long term.

For example, let’s say you eat perfect meals for 3 weeks straight. You portion everything out, use your calorie counting app, and feel totally in control. You lose 10 lbs and you feel amazing, but you are missing some of your favorite foods, going out with friends, and the freedom to eat what you crave. You then decide to “give in a little” to a craving, go nuts, and binge for 5 days straight. You gain back 12 lbs, feel fluffy and bloated, and basically feel like a failure. This cycle continues, and you go up and down 10-12 lbs every couple months.

For me, this cycle had me going up and down 20-25 lbs every couple months! I had two sets of clothes depending on what weight I was at, and I was so TIRED of living such an inconsistent, extreme life between binging and restricting.

Isn’t it better to live a little less perfectly for the long term, versus living in extremes that leave our body feeling tired, going up and down in weight, and feeling like a failure time and time again?

I finally decided that I’d rather live as a healthy and balanced X lbs instead of living at either X +/- 20 lbs, forcing my body through the never ending and incredible unhealthy rollercoaster.

Let’s let go of these extreme lifestyles and focus on healthy habits that we can implement into our everyday life. For example, some healthy habits I encourage my clients to live by are working out daily, having a vegetable with each meal, and having a salad with dinner every night. These are habits we can ADD to our day, and they will not only nourish us more, but will help us establish a healthier foundation for the long term.

Extremes can be tempting because they promise results and success, but I’d personally rather live a lifestyle of health that includes salads AND pizza, kale AND cookies, and a little bit of middle ground when it comes to our food choices. I believe in living a nourishing LIFE so that you can have the freedom of sweets and treats, while trusting your body to take care of the rest BECAUSE of that heathy foundation you have set. 

This is what I teach my clients with my Nourished & Free Method.  If you want to live a life of nourishment while living in food freedom, click here to learn more about how we can start working together to make this happen.

You CAN build an incredible foundation of health that will allow you more freedom than you know! 


Looking for a Dietitian? Look no further!

When was the last time you saw your nutritionist? Did you know seeing a registered dietitian nutritionist (like myself!) is just as crucial as seeing a doctor or dentist? What we eat on a daily basis determines a LARGE majority of our health! Food not only impacts your weight, but also your moods, energy, sleep, stress, immune system, skin, hormones, and SO much more! Our bodies are fascinating, and it’s our job to treat them with love and respect, and that starts with living a healthy life!


I am now taking private clients as part of my nutrition consulting business, and I would love to begin working with you! Seeing an RD on a one-on-one basis is crucial when trying to improve habits, gain health, and change your life. As a dietitian, I am the nutrition professional. I listen to each and every one of your concerns, goals, and hopes, and based your needs needs, tailor a plan that will work for you.

Nutrition and the world of health and fitness is so specific. What works for one person may not work for another. That is where working with a dietitian becomes crucial! Let’s work together to tailor a plan and system that will work best for YOUR health and YOUR goals!

  • Stop trying to conform to the next fad diet or low calorie plan that promises results.

  • Start putting your health first and start nourishing yourself from the inside out!

Let me be your guide and support you as you make lasting changes that will get you where you want to go regarding your health, energy levels, and your relationship with food. Living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be suffocating or depriving. Once we begin working together, I will ensure that your new lifestyle will be nourishing to your body and your soul, and will lead you down the path of living a nourished and free life.

If you’d like to learn more about the packages I offer, please click here to read on about my services as an RD! I can’t wait to hear from you!

The Joyful Harvest is opening her doors! Nutrition consulting has begun!


Four years ago, I started my blog, "The Joyful Harvest." I wanted a place where I could share my thoughts, health tips, recipes, and whatever else crossed my mind. I named it The Joyful Harvest because I wanted everyone to find the JOY in this journey! There is so much joy in planting the seeds in your journey that will lead you to reap the harvest of a healthy and vibrant life. I loved the Joyful Harvest concept so much, that from there, I got the guts to get my business license under "The Joyful Harvest" name, so I could start seeing clients on a private basis and provide them with personalized health and nutrition plans, while helping them find the joy in this lifestyle that I had found.

Well, that biz license has just sort of sat there this past year. I’ve seen clients here and there, but for the past month I've felt God's gentle nudges and whispers and "you can do its" to take this practice to a whole new level. Well, I'm listening, so I am now accepting NEW spring time clients into my private practice for nutrition consulting! What does this mean? Well...

Becoming a Joyful Harvest client includes:

  • one-on-one counseling with me, the dietitian!
  • learn how to develop healthy habits 
  • personalized meal plans that we will created specific to you and your lifestyle
  • follow ups and tweaks to the plan so we make sure it is specialized to YOU and your needs

What I’ve learned over the past year is that everyone’s journey to health is different, and my desire is to personally help those I work with gain a better understanding of what will work for THEM on their own health journey. If you want to begin working with me one on one, please email me at to set up your initial consultation! Or fill out this form below and I will get back to you!

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