One Day Vacation and True Shabu!

Yesterday I had a random, wonderful vacation day...and I definitely made the most of it! It was an odd Tuesday to have off, but I used it to my advantage and got so much done and saw so many people! All in all, it was a great day! My day started off with, of course, a workout! I had a preworkout meal of my high protein, gluten free pumpkin bread before heading to the gym for my run.



I had a really great 4 mile run!! I've been keeping my miles under 10 mins each, and then cooling down for a few minutes after. It feels great to be running again!

After my run, I had my post workout meal, then ran some errands!


I had a scramble, gluten free Milton's crackers (these are so yum!) and a plumicot which is apparently a plum-apricot hybrid, and soooo good! It was blood red and juicy inside!


Alllllll morning, I ran some errands, then headed home for a quick lunch. I had some leftover chicken so I decided to make some cauliflower rice with that. I usually just sauté the "riced" cauliflower with some onions and olive oil, but I decided to add some garlic and parsley to the mix and it turned out so good!


The rest of my day was spent in one of my favorite places...Orange County! I drove out there to visit my cousins and fiancé. I had such a great time! I bought a new purse (on sale wooo!) and had some wonderful quality time with my cousins!



As you can see, I also had some of my favorite nuts. I love making my own nut mix and mixed macadamia nuts, almonds, and cashews! Yum!

Probably the highlight of the night was going to True Shabu for dinner. My fiancé met my cousin and I there, and I was so excited for him to try this restaurant for the first time! True Shabu is an incredibly delicious and healthy place to eat! My cousin opened up this place with his friends a few months ago, and it's the perfect place to go if you want good quality foods and ingredients! You also get to cook your own food, which is pretty much a winner in my book!


They have grass fed meats and organic vegetables. The meat has such amazing flavor and doesn't need anything extra to make it taste better! I got the grass fed rib eye, with a huge plate of veggies and some miracle, carb free noodles (I love that they offer these!) The chef also makes two amazing sauces that are made from scratch with no MSG or gluten!




If anyone is in the LA/OC area, I highly recommend trying out True Shabu!! The food, service, and entire ambiance is incredible and you have such a great experience cooking up your delicious and healthy food!!

True Shabu was a great way to end my one day vacation! Now back to work today! Happy Wednesday everyone!