Recap: Week 1 of 21 day fix!

I can't believe I am one week down of doing the 21 day fix. And in my third trimester too! I'm feeling amazing and energized while doing this program, so I thought I'd share how my first week went! 


I started off the week with Total Body Cardio which is pretty much my favorite workout of them all! 28 mins of cardio intervals with weights leave you sweaty and feeling so accomplished at the end! Even modifying for pregnancy got me working up a sweat! The rest of the week's workouts were lower fix, cardio fix, and dirty 30 fix. Upper fix is done mostly lying on your back/with planks, which I can't do while preggers! So I did Body Beast arms instead (I love having access to all these different programs). Also, 21 day fix has Pilates and Yoga days, but since they have a lot of back and core work, I subbed those out with some Core de Force (Beachbody's martial arts workout), and Autumn's active maternity series. Having access to Beachbody on demand (basically Netflix for workouts!) makes it so easy to modify some things for pregnancy. I always always ALWAYS recommend my clients follow their programs from start to finish without modifications, but since I'm pregnant, I'm making some adjustments! I may even add some walks since the weather will be gorgeous, and rest days as I listen to my body and see what I need! 


Meal wise, I think I did pretty well! The first day doing the program, I had my gestational diabetes test. So I stick to protein all morning until I took the test in the afternoon, then had a big bowl of veggie green curry and brown rice for dinner! 


Breakfasts have consisted of spinach scrambles. I've been on an egg kick lately and I don't anticipate that changing anytime soon! Eggs have so many vital nutrients that are healthy for pregnancy, so I'm eating them up!


If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that ground turkey meat is a weekly staple for our home. My husband loves it, it takes 10 minutes to cook up, and it's easy to prep at the beginning of week! So most of my lunches last week were turkey, rice, salad, and fruit! 


For dinner, I chopped up some chicken sausage and potatoes, then seasoned with some cajun seasoning! Here is the recipe, it's super simple to make and tastes great as leftovers! 

Meals were delicious, workouts were on point, and I'd say I feel pretty motivated going into week 2! If you'd like to join me with this program, fill out this form and I will get in touch with you! There are spots still available for my March bootcamp that starts in a couple days, and we will be following this program and the meal plan! The accountability of these groups, plus the short workouts and easy to follow meal plan is what has kept time on track, so I highly recommend joining if you are interested! I'll be with you every step of the way!!

I hope you have a terrific Monday everyone!