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Health & Wellness Group Coaching 

Do you ever feel like your health journey is just an uphill battle? You do great for about 10 days, then you have a party or an event and overindulge, only to send yourself into a spiral of defeat, insecurity, and a bag of potato chips?

OR you feel like you have to watch every single morsel that goes into your mouth because of the fear of falling off track and letting yourself go? You are chained to your diet and there's no way out. 

I've been on both ends of this spectrum, and let me tell you, that's no way to live!

I know that feeling of always having to "get back on track" and starting over with Day 1. I know that fear of going to a party and not knowing if you will stick to your plan or gorge yourself, only to feel guilt, bloat, and regret later. I also know what it's like to be so focused on food that you cannot serve or pour into those around you because you are so consumed with whether or not you will avoid the treats, OR when you will get your next sugar fix and lose all self control. 

None of these ways of living are freeing, which is why I've created the Nourished-You Project. I believe nourishment is vital to our quality of life. Our bodies were created by God to thrive on whole, nutrient-rich foods, and they were also created to move and be active. But there is a way to nourish yourself, body and soul, in a freeing way that does not hold you captive to the diet culture or to the overindulgence and temptations all around us. Once I found a nourishing and freeing way to live for myself, I wanted to inspire others to do the same.

You also deserve to live nourished AND free, and to nourish yourself from the inside out. You deserve to eat foods that fuel your body like vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats, but you also should feel free to enjoy foods that nourish your SOUL, like your grandma's homemade cookies or your friend's wedding cake. There is a time and place for everything; the key is figuring out what nourishing yourself means to YOU.

Which is why I created a community unlike any other, the Nourished & Free Membership community, which I would love for you to join! If you are ready to learn how to lose weight for good and nourished yourself, all while walking in food freedom and not feeling restricted or hyper-focused on food, this group is for you! Instead of feeling chained you will feel free, instead of feeling tired you will feel energized, and instead of feeling defeated when it comes to your wellness, you will feel strong, in control, and capable of the greatness God has created you for!

This membership is only $19/month and includes:

  • a private, VIP Facebook group, exclusively for members of this community

  • bi-weekly live teaching and coaching session from me on nutrition topics, mindset, motivation, and more

  • bi-weekly email check ins to provide a little more personalized coaching from me for you to reach your goals

  • a free e-book on building balanced meals, plus fun worksheets on meal planning & goal setting!

  • accountability challenges to help us tune in and kick start any new wellness habits we want to create or sustain

I can’t wait for you to join and finally experience what a nourished and free life is for YOU!

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