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When was the last time you stuck to a diet, lost weight, felt free, and had joy in your healthy journey?

If you are like most people, like me or the clients I work with, this doesn’t happen often. You have tried so many diets and eating styles that left you feeling one of three ways:

  • successful in losing weight, but feeling restricted and anxious around food

  • stuck in a diet-binge cycle, fluctuating up and down 20 lbs every few months

  • feeling healthy and energized for a few weeks, then resorting back to your old ways and feeling defeated

My passion as a dietitian is to help you make the healthy choice, the FREEING choice, and start believing in yourself again.

My nutrition coaching and wellness mentorship will you give the tools you need to finally embrace your confident, healthiest self, while living in compete freedom from diet rules and restriction. What I teach my clients is how to live nourished AND free, learning how to make nourishing and healthy choices for our bodies, all while living and walking in complete freedom. I teach on Addition Nutrition, my own personal method to break free from emotional eating, diet rules and start adding ALL THE THINGS to your plate instead of cutting out foods and feeling deprived. Because living a healthy life should give you FREEDOM and add to your life, not make you feel deprived, hopeless, and less joyful. Make yourself and your health a priority, and start actually reaching your goals in a sustainable and freeing way!

Client Testimonials

“I have lost 12 lbs since I started! I used to think I can’t have a treat if I’m eating healthy and then break down and have more than I should. I now know how to not let food control me. Thank you so much!” - NB

“I have to tell you how I am so grateful for your encouragement and wisdom! I am feeling so energized by working out throughout the week and feel more whole in that I am taking care of my body and my emotions are more in check.” - RW

“Being a part of Nourished & Free taught me quick and easy ways to incorporate veggies into every meal. At my last doctor’s appointment my cholesterol had gone down 40 points and that’s a big deal for me and I owe it all to Nourished & Free!” - MS

“Last year, I was trying to so focus on my food intake my mind wasn’t right around food. I feel so free now, in the best of ways. Thank you for everything, you are doing amazing things for your clients by making them feel safe and challenged!” - RW

“I learned to focus on how I want to feel at the end. To focus on what I want to feel like as the end result and not a number or whether I was perfect. Also, to combine fat, protein and carbs to feel satisfied. Yes she made me feel empowered because she could relate to me. She was extremely attentive, down to earth, and real. I felt like she really cared about me and wanted me to succeed.” - anonymous

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Nutrition Coaching and Wellness Mentorship Packages:

My mentorships are a high level, 1:1 coaching experience where we really dig deep into where you are, where you’ve been, and the steps it will take to get there. When you sign up, expect to dig deep into your goals, the reason why you want to get healthy, and the mindset necessary to make these goals a reality.

Included in your package is:

  • 2 sessions/month, each lasting 45-60 mins. The first session is an in-depth initial consultation where we will review your past with your health, eating habits, and relationship with food. We will also assess your current lifestyle and activity levels, eating habits, & medical history, and set you up with a plan that fits best for you. It’s important to work on your health holistically, so we will address nutrition, fitness, and mindset issues and tackle each one with realistic, but challenging goals to help you grow in your health & wellness journey. The second session will be a follow up where we will tweak and move forward with some of the goals you set, praise what worked, and troubleshoot what didn’t.

  • access to me via email or Voxer (Monday - Friday) with any questions or if you need added accountability!

  • a customized meal plan giving you breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options to keep you on track with your goals.

Mentorships start with a 3 month minimum commitment to ensure we get to a place of consistent habit change and you actually SEE the results you want from working together! Payment options include monthly payments OR a pay-in-full option with a discount.

If you would like to finally level UP in your health and live a nourished and FREE lifestyle, apply for my mentorship by simply clicking the button below. I will get in touch with you about setting up a time to chat so we can see if we would be a good fit to work together!

I can’t wait for you to start feeling energetic, confident, nourished, and FREE in your health journey!