Start living a Nourished & Free life today!

When was the last time you stuck to a diet, lost weight, felt free, and had joy in your healthy journey?

If you are like most people, like me or the clients I work with, this doesn’t happen often. You have tried so many diets and eating styles that left you feeling one of three ways:

  • successful in losing weight, but feeling restricted and anxious around food

  • stuck in a diet-binge cycle, fluctuating up and down 20 lbs every few months

  • feeling healthy and energized for a few weeks, then resorting back to your old ways and feeling defeated

My passion as a dietitian is to help you make the healthy choice, the FREEING choice, and start believing in yourself again.

Health and wellness encompass SO much more than just what you eat and how much you exercise. Your MINDSET, and your attitude towards yourself and a healthy lifestyle, will determine how consistent you are in your healthy habits and whether or not you will finally live the healthy lifestyle you want.

What I teach my clients is how to live nourished AND free, learning how to make nourishing and healthy choices for our bodies, all while living and walking in complete freedom. Because living a healthy life should give you FREEDOM and add to your life, not make you feel deprived, hopeless, and less joyful. Make yourself and your health a priority, and start actually reaching your goals in a sustainable and freeing way!

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Initial consultations:

I would love to get to know your story, so schedule an initial consultation with me to get started working towards your goals. We will review your past with your health, eating habits, and relationship with food. We will also assess your current lifestyle and activity levels, eating habits, & medical history, and set you up with a plan that fits best for you. It’s important to work on your health holistically, so we will address nutrition, fitness, and mindset issues and tackle each one with realistic, but challenging goals to help you grow in your health & wellness journey,

Cost: $129/session for 60-75 mins (Skype and in-person sessions available) 

Follow ups:

It's crucial to continue meeting up in order to have accountability in your health and wellness journey. These follow-ups will allow us to keep on track, check in regularly, and tweak the plan as we see fit. We can assess what is working and what needs to be changed in order to reach your goals. 

Cost: $49/session for 20-30 mins (Skype and in-person sessions available)

Bundle option:

1 initial consultation + 3 follow up sessions

Cost: $229

Meal Planning:

If you know what you should be eating, know what will nourish your body, but are having trouble putting that knowledge into action, this is the package for you! We will make a comprehensive meal plan based on the foods you like and the goals you have. This is not a counseling session, but more of a planning/brainstorming session to help us get right down to business and make a meal plan that works best for you and your family. 

Cost: $49 for a 1-week meal plan (Skype and in-person sessions available)

 15 minute discovery call:

If you've read through my services above and are unsure which package fits your needs, feel free to schedule a 15 minute call with me to chat about your goals and how we can begin working together! Contact me here to get started!

Or, if you are committed and motivated to just get on with it and start working towards a healthier, happier life, click below to purchase a package and begin working together!

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