Workouts: 8/21-8/24

So I have definitely been slacking in planning out my workouts. I did well last week and actually did strength training willingly (YAY!), but this week has been pressed for time in the mornings. I have just been able to scrape by a 40ish minute cardio session before having to get ready for work! So, here I go planning again :) Hopefully I can execute this plan; but, as always, it is important to be flexible!  

Wednesday 8/21:

Just finished a 4 mile run and hoping to get to a Kickboxing class tonight if I am not too exhausted after work! The Kickboxing class at our school gym is more like a boot-camp, with 20 minute squatting sessions and a killer abdominal workout at the end! I haven't been able to go all summer so hopefully tonight will be the night!

Thursday 8/22:

4-5 mile run

Chest and Triceps: this is what I did last week...hoping to build on it this week!

photo 1


I try to add a plank or push ups (or both) to most of my workouts to be able to build on these skills. I love doing arm and core exercises that depend on your own body weight. These exercises definitely work you hard and help you build up a sweat!

Friday 8/23:

6 mile run

Back and Biceps:

photo 3


Saturday 8/24: 

6-7 mile run

Shoulders and Legs

photo 2



This is my tentative plan for the week, and hopefully I can stick to it! I've come to learn that there are 3 basic things to always keep in mind when trying to stick to any workout regimen:

1.) Keep your eating on point. The better you fuel your body, the better your body will do what you want it to do!

2.) SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP! I cannot stress this enough. My workouts suffer BIG time if I don't get enough sleep. Make this a priority!

3.) Think about how accomplished you will feel when you carry out your plan!! I am someone who loves making lists and checking things off. Make a check list of each workout you want to complete this week, and give yourself checkmarks (or even stickers!) as you go. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and will motivate you to keep going! And who says stickers are just for kids :)

Here is my checklist for this week!



I hope you all have a wonderful, and active, day!