My Version of Fast Food

Wow, hello everyone! I've definitely been neglecting my little blog here! Things have been so busy and I have been so tired after work that I have not had any time to put in to my blog! Hopefully things get better....but I have a quick little tip to share today so I thought I'd finally get to writing! I don't know about any of you, but when I am tired and hungry after work, I rarely want to come home, cook an entire meal, and eat an hour later. I have also been careful with how much money I spend eating out as well. Last night, my boyfriend and I were in a rush for dinner in order to make it to church on time. We were hungry but didn't want to pick up anything through a drive thru, or spend $40 on a dinner for two people! We decided to grab a rotisserie chicken, sweet potato, avocado, and some tomatoes for dinner. We already had some veggies and hummus at my place we used that as well! I cleaned up the chicken while he microwaved the sweet potato. It turned out to be such a filling, delicious, and healthy meal! We couldn't stop talking about how tasty everything was! So next time you want to grab a burger and fries for a quick dinner, don't forget about this chicken idea that is just as fast as a drive thru but way healthier and more satisfying! Happy Saturday everyone!