You Tube Workouts!

Good morning everyone! Thank God this week is almost over...yay for Thursday!!! It's been a long and exhausting week for me, but God is good and has helped me pull through! I got sick again last weekend, so I did a lot of lounging around, drinking tea, and watching 24 with my parents and fiancé (ummm that show is addictive, so beware)! I finally feel like myself this morning, with just a few sniffles here and there! I have been wanting to take care of my sleep a little more lately, so I decided to sleep an extra hour instead of going to the gym, and do a 25 minute Jillian Michaels workout that I found on YouTube. If you google "Jillian Michaels kickboxing," it will be the first video that pops up! photo 1


This workout is only 25 minutes long, so I thought it would be a light workout day for me. Boyyyyyy was I wrong!! This workout was so intense! I was dripping within the first 5 minutes during the warm-up! There is no equipment necessary either, so this workout was so easy to get motivated for. I just got out of bed, spent some time with Jesus :) then turned on my computer and worked out! She has a ton of other workouts too, ranging from cardio to strength training to yoga. Some are a little longer, or you could even do the shorter ones twice through if you are looking for a longer workout! I am so excited I tried this workout and will definitely be doing this one again, as well as trying her other ones. Check out the calorie burn in only 25 minutes!

photo 2


After my shower and getting ready for work, I made a nice big breakfast to give me good energy for the day. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, and dinner like a pauper, right? :)


I had two slices of Nature's Own Honey Wheat toast with some natural peanut butter, a scrambled egg, and some awesome strawberries we bought off the street a few days ago! Honestly, those are the best and sweetest kind! That's all for me, gotta head to work! I hope you all have a great Thursday!