Mega Meal-Prep Sunday!

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. Mine has been great, except for the fact that I seem to have injured my foot from my run yesterday...


I know I know...I am always injured somewhere! I'm quite frustrated with the whole thing, but I am trying to focus on what I can do, and even feel that this was God's way of helping me take it easy on myself. As much as I love working out, I have been feeling worn down lately. I also feel that it was my new shoes, which I am beginning to think are a size too small, that put extra pressure on my foot during my outdoor run yesterday. In any case, I did NOT work out this morning, and I meal prepped instead! I want to be extra prepared and on top of my eating this I made about 5-6 different dishes I can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! As well as snacks!


The first thing I did was chop up some sweet and Yukon gold potatoes and baked them. I also made my Cajun chicken dish, but instead of rice, I wanted to use the sweet potatoes as my starch. The Cajun chicken recipe can be found on my blog...just search it! :)



I used ready made lemon pepper chicken and spicy jalapeño chicken sausage to add a kick to this dish, as well as Whole Food's Cajun seasoning! Yum!

I also made tzatziki dip with plain, nonfat Greek yogurt, cucumbers, mint, garlic, and lemon juice. This dip is so tasty and is extremely high in protein, which is perfect as a midday snack to hold you over until your next meal.


For some ready protein, I made some grass fed ground taco beef as an emergency protein source to have on hand. I always like to have some kind of healthy protein at home to rely on...because you never know!


Lastly, I made a frittata! I just used 8 eggs, 1/2 cup almond milk, kale, peppers, and tomatoes. I wanted a quick and easy breakfast I could eat at home or pack for work, as I've been doing a lot of morning overtime lately and need to get a healthy breakfast in before heading out the door!


OH! And the BEST part of the morning was seeing on Instagram that Trader Joe's now carries cashew butter! I ran out and bought some and had it with a banana while I cooked. It. Was. Amazing!!!



Woooo! What a morning! And it's not even 10am! Now it's time for church! Have a great day everyone!