What's coming in 2016?

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend to the full. I sure did! I went to Disneyland on Friday and then again on Saturday, and spent some wonderful time with family and friends from out of town! It was a whirlwind weekend, but so much fun at the same time. Now, back to Monday and back to routine! 

Today is day 1 of the 21 day fix extreme for me! This is my third round doing this program, and I wanted to get one more good round in before starting Hammer and Chisel, Beachbody's newest program, in January! Plus this round will finish right in time for the cruise we are taking for New Years! Can't wait! I am so pumped for Hammer and Chisel though, because H&C combines two of the BEST trainers and gives you a 60 day program to get stronger than ever. I love that my goals have shifted from being a skinny-minnie to being strong and toned. Strong is so much better! Plus you get to eat more! ;) and really, it's all about the food.

I'm planning some fun things for you all in 2016 in regards to the fitness groups I run, so I figured, the planner that I am, that I'd write it all out for you so that you can choose which accountability group you would like to be a part of! SO here we go! 



January 4-8: free 5 day Back to the Basics clean eating group! This will be a short and sweet kick off to the new year for anyone looking for some fun recipes and an EASY way to get back in to healthy eating at the beginning of the new year!


I was SUPER excited when I got my box! Stay tuned for an unboxing video coming this week! 

I was SUPER excited when I got my box! Stay tuned for an unboxing video coming this week! 

On January 4th, I will personally be starting the newest Beachbody program, Hammer and Chisel, and I would love to run a "test group" for this program with anyone else interested in taking the plunge and going through this 60-day program with me! Requirements? Purchase the program + Shakeology through me as your coach (it's on sale for the month of December!), and we will all be in a private accountability group on Facebook and post daily on how the program is going! Meal plans, check-ins, and motivation will be provided and we can all experience the newness of this program together! 


My monthly, 21 day accountability group (or what I call my Bootcamp) will be starting on January 11th! This is for anyone doing a Beachbody fitness program and has me as a coach. It will consist of 21 days of accountability, checking in on meals, new recipes, food prep ideas, and building the confidence to take care of yourself. We all deserve to be the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves, and this bootcamp focuses on all aspects of health; mind, body and soul! You must be doing a Beachbody program through me and drinking Shakeology daily so that everyone has the same level of commitment and tools to make this Bootcamp work for you! 


So! That's what's coming in 2016! Three groups to chose from, and they all depend on your goals and what YOU want to get out of your fitness journey! Please fill out the form below with which group you are interested in. And fear not! If you have no clue which group would be best for you, fill out the form anyway and we can chat about your goals, lifestyle, and what my personal recommendation is for you! 


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