Last week of Hammer and Chisel! My plan and goals :)

I can't believe it's the last week of my beloved program! I'm so in love with H&C and I can't wait to do it again! I've seen some amazing changes in my body that I never thought were yay for challenging myself!  


Day 0 and end of week 7 progress! 

Day 0 and end of week 7 progress! 

My plan starting next week is to start training for my half-marathon that is coming up in May! I will be running 3x/week and doing 21 day fix or fix extreme workouts (or even H&C!) on alternate days...with rest days in between. I definitely don't want to lose all the muscle I've built, so I want to be sure to be fueling properly and resting appropriately!

I used to write weekly meal plan/goals blogs a while back, adn I want to bring them back! They really help me stay motivated and accountable, and think out how I want my week to go :) so here we go! 



Monday-Wednesday: H&C workouts

Thursday: RUN DAY! 

Friday-Sunday: H&C (my last day is Sunday ahhhh!)


Meal plan:

Pre-workout/post workout: energize/recover from the Beachbody performance line. This stuff is amazing, let me know if you want to give it a try!

Breakfasts: Shakeology, whole grain toast w/PB, eggs

Lunches and Dinners will alternate between BBQ chicken and Burrito bowls that we prepped yesterday! And of course salads and sweet potatoes/rice as sides!

Snacks: Larabars, nuts, veggies, fruit with almond butter (my fav)

That's the loose plan. I will also have Mediterranean food this week provided by work...yay for free and YUMMY food! :)

I've been limiting my treats lately and feel amaizing. I did have some in n out and a slice of cake this past weekend, but I'm proud of myself for staying on track the rest of the time! I've found such an incredible freedom with food lately, but definitely still balancing out the "sometimes foods" (treats and sweets) with the "everyday foods" (plants and healthy fats!) 

Overall, I'm feeling amazing on this program and I can't wait to see where I end up by the end of the week!


My GOALS (fitness and personal!) are to: 

* stick to lean, clean, and green  

* minimize my treats or at least just save them for weekends (while still have them in small portions ;)  

* run once  

* finish hammer and chisel strong!  

 * write for my dad's online magazine! I've already written a few articles, check them out at! 

 * don't spend anymore money on groceries this week...we have stocked up good and did mega meal prep yesterday, so this shouldn't be a problem! 

* do my eyebrows (yep, I went there)  

 * start planning for my EPIC March accountability group/Bootcamp! I can't wait to get started on this one! We will be focusing on excuses and having a "just do it" mentality...and also deciphering between real road blocks in our fitness journey verses the ones we create...should be a good one! If you are interested, use the contact me button above or email me at! Spots are limited so hurry on over! :) 


Anyways! On that lovely note, I hope you all have a terrific Monday and a great start to the week!