Pregnancy Update: Weeks 27-30!

I canNOT believe that I am already at week 30 of this pregnancy! It has flown by to say the least, and my husband and I are getting so excited to meet our little girl soon!!  


How far along are you?

30 weeks and 1 day!



How big is the baby?

This week, our sweet baby is the size of a summer melon, she is getting so big! 

Total weight gain:

I am 7 lbs up from my pre-pregnancy weight! Woooohooo!

How am I feeling?

I am feeling great! I have a good amount of energy considering I am barely sleeping (yay for pregnancy insomnia).

Maternity clothes?

Maternity clothes are my jam right now. Leggings, jeans, shirts, you name it, I'm wearing it. I've actually had some really generous coworkers give me their maternity clothes, which has been a lifesaver! I defintieyl don't want to me spending so much money on maternity clothes because I won't be needing them year round!

Favorite workouts:

I started doing 21 day fix a few weeks ago and am continuing on with the program in my March fitness accountability group! I am modifying some workouts for pregnancy, but overall I feel so strong being able to lift (light) weights and keep myself active! 

Stretch marks:

None and I hope it stays that way! I’ve been using bio oil and a “bump cream” I found on Amazon. I also just ordered some Cocoa butter too! My belly is itchy so I just keep moisturizing! 


No real cravings but I am getting hungrier and hungrier! I'm just adding more snacks throughout the day and sticking to my color coded containers for help balancing my meals!  


Sleep is terrible, no further comment on this one! 

What I miss: 

Working out more intensely, clothes shopping, and more than 1 cup of coffee/day! Especially with the lack of sleep!

What I am looking forward to:

I can't wait to hold our baby and look into her face!!! I just feel so blessed to be able to be on this journey. We are continually praying that baby Emma keeps growing big and strong and everything goes smoothly! 


Thank you all for reading these updates! It's been fun to share this journey with you all!