Introducing...Joyfully Fit Bootcamps!

For a few months, as a registered dietitian and beach body coach, I have been conducting health and fitness online accountability groups, hosting many free, 5 day clean eating challenges, as well as hosting general accountability groups for my clients. Well, I am now officially launching my "Joyfully Fit Bootcamps!”

What is a Joyfully Fit Bootcamp?

Let's face it; doing this whole weight loss, getting healthy, eating clean thing is hard and lonely. In our world, with temptation around every corner, we can feel as if healthy living is impossible. But that is simply not true. With a Joyfully Fit Bootcamp, you will never be alone!!! Joyfully Fit Bootcamps will provide you with 28 days of online, fitness accountability in a private, safe, and supportive environment. 


Here is exactly what you get when you join a Joyfully Fit Bootcamp!

1. A consultation with me, your personal registered dietitian and coach, to help you get started on the right track and pick a fitness package best suited for you. 

2. You will receive a fun, state of the art Beach Body fitness program that is geared towards YOUR needs and YOUR goals.

3. You will learn how to meal prep and meal plan according to your food preferences and lifestyle.

4. You will receive ongoing fitness support and accountability in our private Facebook group. 

5. You will receive a month's supply of a nutrient-dense shake that is packed with super-foods, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and antioxidants all in one package, which I like to call the craving-killer package! 

6. Once you complete a bootcamp, you will get a lifetime Joyfully Fit membership. This gives you a spot in all of my future bootcamps, and constant communication with me as your personal fitness cheerleader. 


Now is the perfect time to join one of my bootcamps! Why not put your health and fitness first? Why not finally do something for YOU? You don't have to be "ready" or "perfect" to finally get healthy. Health can come to you at any season of life, you just have to choose it. YOU deserve to finally reach your goals, have more energy for your kids, and to feel comfortable in your skin. Why not you? 


Investing in your health: 

We are always investing in something, whether it is our education, career, style, retirement, or travel. So why not choose to invest in something with a priceless return - a happy and healthy life! Joyfully Fit Bootcamp packages begin at $160, and range based on your goals. Remember, with your fitness package you will receive a world class program, a detailed meal plan, a 30-day supply of a superfood shake, daily accountability during the bootcamp, a lifetime membership for all future bootcamps, and me as your coach for life! 


When can I start?

If you are ready to take a leap of faith, trust in yourself, and believe you can accomplish anything, you would be a perfect candidate for one of my bootcamps. I only accept a limited number of people every month to make sure these groups stay intimate, honest, and safe. If you are interested in a free consultation with me and to learn about when my next bootcamp will be, please fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible! 

There is no better time than TODAY to finally get healthy. You deserve to live your life to the full, so why not start now?

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