Coffee Chat Fridays

So often, I wish we could all sit and grab a cup of coffee together. I’d love to know more about your life, and thank you genuinely for reading my blog! I thought I’d start a new blog series and pretend we were sitting across the table at a coffee shop together every Friday. How FUN would that be??

So, if we were having coffee together this morning…

I’d probably tell you how hard this week of motherhood has been. That Emma has said NO to basically everything. How yelling is her new default volume. And how I am so very tired. But also how much I miss her when she’s at school, how sweet her hugs are, and how my heart bursts every time I just look at her! Motherhood is confusing, y’all.


I’d tell you proud I am of myself for being gluten free since June 1st. I know this food is hard on my system and I have a diagnosed sensitivity, but it’s still been hard for me. But this month I committed to only cutting out foods that I KNOW make me feel worse, and gluten is one of them. I have felt so much better and have found amazing alternatives to satisfy my cravings, like these paleo everything bagels from Danielle Walker’s cookbook “Eat What You Love!”


I’d confess to you that I started a book for fun this month and I’ve barely had time to read it. Scratch that, I haven’t MADE the time to read it. I vow to make more time for fun reading in July, because my soul needs that!


I’d also probably tell you how EXCITED I am about my new membership community that is kicking off Monday, specifically designed for the woman who wants freedom in her health journey but wants to also learn how to nourish herself body, mind, and soul. I can’t wait to start working with these ladies! (The deadline to sign up is tonight so if you want more info and want to join, click here!)

Lastly, I’d tell you how much meditating on this verse has helped me and my mindset this week. God is always wanting to renew us from the inside out. Our mindset and the things we think about are so HUGE when it comes to our overall well-being. He calls us to be transformed and not follow the world’s patterns, but to change the way we THINK. I’ve been working on this by changing the way I worry, stress, and over-think things. How would you change the way you think?


Thanks for having a virtual cup of coffee with me this morning! Now time to get those babies up and make a real cup of coffee for this mama. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!