PiYo Review: Sticking to something till the end!


I have been filled with such an incredible sense of accomplishment these past couple days. Yesterday I completed the two month PiYo program. I have never ever completed a workout program from start to finish. Even though there were ups and downs throughout the past two months, I did each workout every day and completed the program! 





I am so grateful to God that, even though these past two months have been nuts, He gave me the motivation and determination to finish this program!! I am definitely going to incorporate PiYo into my weekly workout schedules because it has been the best thing I have ever done for my mind, soul, and my body. 

Let me first say that I used to hate anything low impact, and I especially did not enjoy yoga or Pilates. This program completely changed that for me! I looked forward to pressing play every single day, and I felt amazing during PiYo. So if you think you are not a yoga person, you should try this program because you may surprise yourself!  

I also got great results! The left photo is from week 3, and the right is from my final week, week 8! 





I have never had definition in my abs, let alone the confidence to post my abs! This workout gave me confidence in so many aspects of my life. I finally completed a program in its entirety, which is such a huge confidence boost! I also became a beach body coach in the process, because I wanted to be able to coach others through this program so they can experience what I have. Now, I feel like I can do anything I set my mind too! 

To close, I know you all are interested in details. So here is it. I lost 10-12 lbs during PiYo, I stuck with the workout calendar, and I also added about 2-3 cardio days consisting of slow run/walks ranging from 20-40 mins. Most importantly, I stuck to a mostly clean eating lifestyle. I never starved myself, I did indulge on Easter and a few other occasions, and for about 80% of the 8 weeks, I ate whole, real foods, lean proteins, tons of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and a good amount of healthy fats. Nutrition is the most important part of the entire equation! We cannot workout enough to outweigh a poor diet...that's for sure! 

If you would like me to coach you through this fitness program and help you get on your way to living a healthier lifestyle, please contact me! I have a passion for helping people reach their health and fitness goals and would love to work with you. Email me at TveenRD@gmail.com to get started! 

It's Finally APRIL!!!

I CAN'T BELIEVE APRIL IS HERE!!! And yes, that statement deserves all caps because April is the month that I am getting married! In 18 days, I will be Mrs. Verano, and I seriously can't wait. Literally, I am having trouble waiting. I'm just so excited, nervous, stressed, tired, energetic, and every possible spectrum of emotion right now. For me, a new month means new goals. I've gotten into the habit of setting daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals after reading "PUSH" by Chalene Johnson (I highly recommend this book!) and this morning, I got a chance to reflect on March and set some goals for April. March was a big month for me. I became a Beach Body coach at the end of February, so March was my first full month with Beach Body. It's been such a growing experience, and I am loving everything I am doing! I also launched my own private nutrition counseling business! I am currently running my first free clean eating challenge through Facebook with a group of AWESOME women. I am so excited for all of these blessings and opportunities and pray that God uses all of these endeavors as a way to glorify HIM and show others His love. I am just so very blessed.

With that said, April goals may seem a little different than my typical goals. Since I get married on April 19th, I will be on my honeymoon for the last 2 weeks of April (PRAISE THE LORD!) But, I still want to make April an awesome month for myself, my personal goals, and my overall health!


1. Obviously, my most important goal is to get married. Can't forget that. Nope. I am beyond excited for this day, and for our marriage afterwards!

2-3. I am in my 7th week of the 8-week PiYo program through Beach Body. I have also been drinking their superfood Shakeology drink daily and have noticed a HUGE improvement in my health, energy, skin, ahem "movements," and cravings. My goal is to continue with PiYo to the end (something I have NEVER done with any other fitness program) and continue drinking Shakeology everyday! If anyone is interested in purchasing PiYo or Shakeology, or any other Beach Body program for that matter, please email me at TveenRD@gmail.com. You can order the programs through me and I will be your personal coach and support you as you go on your healthy lifestyle journey! I would love to partner with you in this process and am so passionate about these products! So please don't hesitate to email me, and I'll help you get started!

4. I am a Tone it Up girl for life. I love their workouts, recipes, and the Instagram community. These past few months have been SO busy that I haven't been able to be as involved with the awesome resources and community that Tone it Up has to offer. I plan on incorporating more of this lifestyle into my daily life, workouts, and food plans!

5. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Or should I say, CONTINUE eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. I have been a fruits and veggie machine lately, and I am loving the way these foods make me feel. They are so filling and yet low in calories. They are overflowing with nutrients. They are superfoods and we should be eating SO many of them throughout the day!

6. Lastly, I need to learn to stay calm. With everything going on right now with the wedding, work, my side business endeavors, and overall life, it's been SO easy to get anxious and worried. I need to daily, hourly, and even by the minute, give all of my burdens to the Lord. I wasn't meant to carry these burdens on my own. Jesus says His yoke is easy and His burden is light (Matthew 11:30). I encourage us all to surrender our cares to Jesus every day, and He will strengthen us and pull us through!


That's all for my April goals. I am SO excited for this month! Have you had time to write out some goals for April yet? Write one thing you want to accomplish this month in the comments!