Love Take Me Over: Daily Manna 8/29

I've had this song in my head ALL day. It has such a catchy tune, and the lyrics are so great. The focus on love just taking over our whole being definitely helped me get through the day! Here is the link if anyone wants to enjoy it for themselves :)

Today started out in the typical fashion. Wake up, quiet time, eat, gym. Here was a verse that I reflected on this morning, as well as a shot of my flat out peanut butter sandwich as my preworkout meal

photo 1

I love this verse in Philippians because it directly shows us that God works in us for HIS good purpose, which we know is better than what WE think our purpose is, right? Focusing on this verse early in the morning helped me realize that I am on this earth to glorify God, and that my body, life, and my whole self are all entirely the Lord's!

I had a good 4 mile run this morning and did some leg work. I really wanted to continue running, but since I ran 8 miles yesterday, I didn't want to overdo it today. I want to take care of my body by working it out, but also not pushing it too far!

photo 2

I waited till I got to the hospital around 6:30am to have breakfast and enjoyed 2 scrambled eggs with a peach.

photo 3

Since I had breakfast so early, I had a little 100 calorie snack pack of raw almonds before my lunch at 11:30am. For my meal, I made a salad, got a chicken breast from the grill, and got a side of pico de gallo and guacamole (they SAID it was guacamole, but I'm pretty sure it was a creamy avocado dressing...but who cares it was YUM!

photo 4

I mixed this all up on my salad and had a delicious creation!

photo 2 (1)

This salad was so amazing that it lasted me past 2pm! Usually I get hungry again around 1:30 or 2pm and try to fight off the snack attack, but I was able to hold off my snack till JUST before I got off work at 3:30pm. They had yellow plums at the hospital, so I grabbed one and ate a quest bar before I headed off, in awe that I only have one day left of my internship tomorrow!

photo 3 (1)

I stopped at an outlet mall on my way home from work and bought a few things as a little treat to myself :) I bought a nice summery white top and some new amazingly comfortable leggings! My whole drive home, I was being SO indecisive about what I wanted for dinner. I am seriously so tired of not being able to cook my favorite foods in my apartment! And I was not in the mood for either a rotisserie chicken or chipotle for my dinner. I've packed all my kitchen stuff up and don't have many groceries in the house, so cooking any fancy meals were out of the question. Plus, I was still full from my snack by the time I got home, so I passed some time packing, filling out last minute evaluation forms for my internship, and then finally dragged my feet to the kitchen a little past 6pm to see what I could conjure up. I had 3 mini tortillas left, string cheese, salsa, and carrots. So...this is what I came up with...and it wasn't too shabby!



I made a triple decker quesadilla by stacking the 3 tortillas and stringing the cheese between each later, then melting it in the microwave. I had some salsa on the side and a few baby carrots for my veggies! This meal was pretty plain but it met my nutrient needs, while being easy and tasty as well!

And that concludes my last and final evening in my apartment! I can't wait to finally get back home and be able to actually cook my yummy, healthy meals that I miss! Now, on to continuing packing and hopefully have some down time before bed! Good night! :)