Special: 3-day Low Grain Meal Plan

Hello everyone! We made it over the hump and now it's officially almost the weekend! I thought I would share a special 3-day, jump start meal plan with you all. It's a low-grain plan which is a perfect way to start on your healthy eating journey, lose some bloat, and have more energy. I shared a more extensive version of this plan with one of my clients, but I thought I would just share a small portion of it on my blog as well! If anyone is interested in some nutrition, weight loss, or healthy eating counseling, I would be more than happy to be of service to you! Just email me at tveenrd@gmail.com and we can get started! I'm not on a strict, restrictive diet myself, but I do know that when I feel the bloat coming on, I have to watch the amount of grain-y, gluten-y products I am eating. Grains ferment in our bodies, causing gas and bloating, which explains that stuffed feeling after downing a bowl of pasta that I am sure we have all experienced! I put together this plan and I believe it is pretty flexible compared to some of the other, stricter plans out there. Deprivation is not my friend, physically or emotionally, so I don't want anyone I am trying to help to feel deprived either! This is a low-grain, not NO grain plan (you will notice some oats and 1/2 pieces of bread in the plan), but you can tweak it to your dietary comfort level. The main message of this plan is to fill up on vegetables instead of grains, eat plenty of proteins and healthy fats, and limit grain/bread products to every other day maximum, or even once  week, as needed.

I hope this 3-day plan it is helpful to someone out there! If you click on the link on the link below, it should take you to a PDF version of my plan.


3day Jump Start


Have a great, happy, and healthy Thursday everyone!