Leaps of Faith: November 17-23

Here we are! Another week on its way. I can't believe we are halfway through November. It's almost Thanksgiving and almost Christmas!! I am looking forward to spend time with family and friends and make the most out of this season. I also don't want to stray too much from my  healthy eating plan except for the occasional treats here and there. I have been doing pretty well with my fitness lately, but my food...not so much. It has been hard to resist temptations and there seem to be treats everywhere I go!


Real talk right here...even RDs struggle! I am striving to find balance, allow the occasional treats, all while making most of my food choices real, whole, healthy foods. I am also trying to steer away from calorie/macro counting. I have counted calories since I was in high school...so about 10-12 years. I know, that is SO long. But I am being honest in my post today because it is something that I really want to grow out of. I rely on it too much, know too much, and let it rule my life too much. I have learned throughout the years what healthy food choices and portions are, and I want to trust the brain that God gave me and rely on His strength in all areas of my life, even my food. I know God cares about ALL of us, our entire being, and if one area is taking over and causing anxiety and confusion, I think God just wants IN to that area in order to redeem, restore, and renew us. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that calorie counting is harmful for everyone. Most people can have a balanced approach. But being the perfectionist that I am, it was taking up too much of my mental time and energy. I feel convicted to step away from it, and that is the leap of faith I am taking this week!

With that said, this is my food and fitness plan for the week. As always, this is a tentative plan, but I hope to follow these guidelines throughout the week! I will also probably keep a food journal as a way to track myself without the use of numbers or apps. I want to be mindful of what I eat without getting so caught up in the calculations of it all!

Pre workout ideas: * 1/2 bagel with cookie or nut butter * hard boiled egg * high protein pumpkin bars

Breakfast ideas: * scrambles with veggies * hard boiled eggs * protein waffles

Lunch/dinner ideas: * mahi mahi burgers * turkey burgers * roasted sweet potatoes * salads * peanut chicken * curry with chicken and veggies * marinara w/lentils and veggies

Snack ideas: * larabars/quest bars * nuts * fruits * veggies w/hummus

This week will be a little different because I also have all day trainings for work on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will be working on my certification to be a certified lactation educator (BREAST IS BEST)!!! So, I will be basically on a work schedule this weekend from 8:30-5pm. I plan on packing all of my meals for these training and have healthy meals for dinner/possibly go out with family.

Fitness plan:

Monday: logbook toning workout (back and biceps), run 3 miles

Tuesday: run 4-5 miles

Wednesday: TIU kettle bell workout, possible circuits with my friend Hanna

Thursday: personal training sessions (probably will be leg day!), cardio

Friday: logbook toning workout (chest and triceps), cardio

Saturday: run outside and/or TIU workout

Sunday: run outside and/or TIU workout

That is all for this weeks! I will try and update you all on my progress with the no calorie counting goal for this week. Get ready for some honest heart to heart posts by yours truly!