Fabulous February

I know I'm a little late with this post considering it is already February 3rd, and I despise being late! But I have a pretty good reason, I promise. I have been super sick! I feel like I am always sick, but this one is a really doozy. I have a sinus infection and bronchitis. I've been so out of it the past couple days...but I hope to slowly recover soon! I've basically been a homebody except for a few times I ventured outside to get a little bit of sunlight. I've been eating whatever, barely moving, drinking a ton of tea, and just surviving. Needless to say, fitness has taken a back burner. I've barely walked, let alone worked out. And let's not even talk about food. If it's there and ready to eat, you bet I'm eating it! I've been a lazy bum, but I am hoping this rest and relaxation will lead to a healthier me in a few short days!   Since it's a new month, per The Joyful Harvest's fashion, I have my list of goals and aspirations for this month. Even though this month got off to a rough start with how sick I've been feeling, I am still motivated to make some goals and plans for when I start to feel better! And, to top it all off, my fancy new Erin Condren came today in the mail! I was so excited!   FullSizeRender  

The planner is A-MAZ-ING. A type A personality person's dream come true (anybody else??) I love to plan and map out basically everything, so I got very excited and motivated when this baby got dropped off at my doorstep! I added all my events for this years so far (including my wedding in 75 days AHHHHHHH!) and am ready to use the planner to its full potential! Did I mention I'm excited? Well, I am! :) Anyways, without further delay, here are my goals and plans for this fabulous month of February!




1. Run my 10K. My 10K race is in 12 days and I am so nervous/excited! I've been following my plan somewhat, with a few more rest days than I had originally planned. But for the most part, I feel ready for the race! My knee hasn't been bothering me too much, just some dull pain. I will admit though, that after this 10K, I may take a break from running longer than 3 miles and do some easier cardio workouts such as the elliptical and walking. Running is such a HUGE stress release and is really a passion of mine, but I would rather not injure myself seriously and especially not before my wedding!

2. Keep up with my Bible Study homework. My church is doing the new Beth Moore study on 1 & 2 Thessalonians and am LOVING it. God is really speaking to me through this study, and I don't want to fall behind! My time with my Savior in the mornings, and throughout the day, is so important, and I get distracted way too easily. I want to keep up with this study as much as possible!

3. Rest day Tuesdays. Yep, you read that right. I am the person that takes NO rest days. I used to wake up as early as I needed to in order to workout. I worked out for 35 days in a row once without a break. Yea, it's a problem. So I am going to start to force myself to take a break on Tuesdays.

4. Go to Yoga once this month. I'm not aiming too high with this one. It's been a goal of mine for a while to get into yoga, and it just hasn't fit into my schedule (or I haven't made an effort to make it fit...hmmm) but i want to be better about it this month. So just ONCE, I want to go to yoga.

5. Spend more time outdoors. I love being outside, but I've realized that with my schedule, I get to work, sit inside for 8 hours, then am home by the time the sun sets. I am never outside! I've been taking walks on my breaks at work and it's been wonderful, so I definitely want to keep that up this month!

I really want to take time this month to rest and relax, as well as workout and push myself. I want to find that sweet spot, that beautiful balance between doing and resting. I pray that God teaches me how to best glorify Him with what I do and the person I aspire to be.