A Dietitian’s Take on Shakeology

As a dietitian, I get asked countless times what I think of certain products. If I've tried this bar, that protein powder, this frozen meal, etc. It can get overwhelming, and I always first and foremost promote eating real, WHOLE foods. Packaging just makes things complicated. And can I just start by saying how much I used to hate shakes? Drinking your calories just seemed ridiculous to me. I mean, why would you drink, if you could chew? And all those protein powders out there just seemed crazy unhealthy with the who-knows-what ingredients they pack them with. And all-fruit smoothies? Don’t even go there…so much sugar in just a few gulps, sending your blood sugars skyrocketing and leading to the inevitable crash about an hour later. But, this past week, I started drinking Shakeology, a super-food shake made from whole foods, to understand what all the hype was about. As a dietitian, I was intrigued by the fact that this shake is not just protein, but contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, superfood, and probiotics (my best friends). The fact that it is made from high quality ingredients motivated me to try it. As a Beach Body coach, I wanted to be informed about the products that Beach Body endorses to form my OWN opinion of them before I start recommending them to my clients.


All I can say now is…WOW. This drink is FABULOUS. It tastes amazing, fills my chocolate cravings to a "T", and keeps me full for hours. I could spout off all the ingredients beside protein that it has (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics as discussed above), but instead, I’d like to talk about how it makes me feel. This is a subjective post, but I believe in being real with people and I want to provide as honest a review as possible about my experience with this drink!

1. Energized! Shakeology makes me feel so energetic and ready for my day! I look forward to drinking it and can’t wait to slurp it on my way to work. It gets me geared up for my day, which definitely takes a lot of energy from me. I don’t know what it is, and it could very well be the fact that I am having chocolate in the morning, but I feel great after drinking my Shakeology and am ready to attack the day!


2. “Regular.” This part may me a little TMI, but as some of you know, I’ve had tummy issues for my entire life. Since drinking Shakeology, I have been scary regular, with no issues! That has never happened to me before in my 26 years of existence. Shakeology contains probiotics in a super-food form, which has helped my issues in that department. I have never felt this good taking OTC, super expensive probiotics. That alone is a reason enough for me to keep drinking Shakeology!

3. Cravings be-gone! I have experienced little to NO cravings since drinking Shakeology. The fact that it is the chocolate flavor, and actually takes like a chocolate chip brownie mixture, helps me feel like I am treating myself BIG time, while not feeling at all guilty for having my chocolate. My cravings have been almost nonexistent, and it is so much easier to make healthy choices throughout the day without those naggy cravings getting in the way.

4. Chocolatey goodness. Have I mentioned, it’s chocolate? Yea? Well, I wanted to say it one more time. This thing tastes AMAZING. One sip and I was hooked.

5. Versatile. It’s SO versatile. You can just blend it with some ice and almond/cashew/whatever milk and call it a day. The other day, I added peanut butter. Yesterday, I added half a banana. You could also add frozen strawberries, coffee if that’s your thing, or really anything you want! There are so many variations that it will never leave you bored and will always leave you satisfied.

6. Lastly, it is so convenient. I now know the desire to want to be able to drink something on my way to work. I've felt SO rushed in the mornings, especially this week with our time change. It's been such a relief to know that I have a healthy option waiting for me. Just some almond milk, ice, and a packet of shakeology blended up in my magic bullet, and in 5 minutes, I'm headed out the door! And I am confident that my meal choice is healthy and something that, not only I will enjoy, but that will fuel me until my next meal.


That's how I feel about my Shakeology. I never thought I would find a shake that I loved this much. I feel like I'm having dessert every day, and I could live with that! If anyone wants more information about Shakeology, leave me a comment or email me at TveenRD@gmail.com! I'd really love you all to feel as amazing as I do!